VIDEO: Customer Shoots ARMED ROBBER In Fast Food Joint

A customer shot an armed robber through the drive-thru window at a Cozy Corner in Santa Ana, CA, on Saturday night. And it was all captured on surveillance video. The robber was hit twice in the torso and collapsed just outside the fast food restaurant.

KTLA reports:

Santa Ana police responded to the Cozy Corner Drive-In at 426 N. Harbor Blvd. shortly after midnight Saturday. Officers determined that a suspect was in the midst of a robbery, when someone in the drive-thru shot at the alleged robber inside the restaurant, Cmdr. Michael Claborn said.

The person responsible for the reported robbery stumbled outside, and was subsequently treated on scene and taken to a hospital, Claborn stated. Authorities did not release the alleged robber’s name, but they said he was expected to survive and that he was arrested on suspicion of robbery, the Orange County Register reported.

The shooter fled the scene, the commander told KTLA. No description of that person was provided. However, Claborn said the shooter was a customer who was waiting for his food in the drive-thru line, the newspaper reported.

Orange County Register shows several pictures, including an image of one of the cash registers with a bullet hole in it.

A bullet fired by a drive-thru customer hits the cash register at the Cozy Corner Cafe. The customer fired at a man attempting to rob the restaurant in the early morning hours, May 26 (Nathaniel Percy, Staff)

CBS Los Angeles adds:

The Cozy Corner’s security cameras were rolling at 12:43 Saturday morning when police say a masked man entered the restaurant with a black revolver and demanded money.

He threw a bag at one of the workers and demanded she fill it with cash. Her hands shaking, she filled the bag. As he grabbed the bag, shots rang out.

At least one shot hits the drink machine. Next you see the man turns and he is wounded and falls to the floor.

“Tres balazos,” said witness and restaurant cook Daniel Acevedo. That translates into three bullets.

Detectives marked at least two bullet holes.

Acevedo said the shots came from the drive-thru window. Security video shows a car fleeing into the night onto Harbor Boulevard.


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