Unhinged Maxine Waters: ‘Resist’ Trump Or ‘Go Down With Him’ (VIDEO)

The country is getting to a point where the American people will either “have to stand up and resist this president” or “go down with him,” warned Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA).

Waters, the voice of the Democrat Party, in an appearance on MSNBC’s “All In” argued that President Trump must be impeached because “he’s in bed with Russian President Vladmir Putin.”

“Seventy percent of Democrats who have been polled say that [Trump] should be impeached, I’m with the 70 percent. I understand the reticence of my colleagues and the Democratic leadership who say don’t feed the notion that is being presented by the Republicans that say ‘all they want to do is impeach the president, because they are mad about the fact that they lost the election.’ I get that I understand why that would cause them not want to talk about it. But I just don’t have those fears,” the California Democrat said.  “At some point in time we have to deal with reality.”

“The discussion must take place – we must not allow the President of the United States of America who has this relationship with the country that hates us and who’s undermined us and who has undermined our democracy to not be talked about,” she continued. “It is dangerous, I think that we should stand up for our country.”

After a year, the Trump-Russia collusion investigation still hasn’t produced any evidence of anything resembling the conspiracy Democrats have alleged took place. In fact, evidence now suggests that the only collusion with Russia was Hillary Clinton and the DNC’s collusion with Russian sources to take down Trump.

But Americans who support Trump, Waters cautioned, will “go down with him” because Special Counsel Mueller will ultimately prove Trump colluded with Russia.

“This president has no respect for the Constitution, he’s in bed with Putin and the oligarchs of Russia, and the Kremlin and it’s come out already. So let the special counsel keep doing what he’s doing in order to connect the dots, for those people who say we need the positive proof,” she said. “I think we are going to get to the point where people are either going to have to stand up and resist this president and talk about how he is dangerous for our democracy, or they are going to go down with him.”

“Racist” Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from the Russia investigation because he, the chief law enforcement officer, doesn’t want to go jail, Waters insisted.

“We see what he said to Jeff Sessions and the way that he’s treating Jeff Sessions because Jeff Session said ‘listen I am recusing myself, I am not lying for you, I am scared of this stuff and I am not about to get myself into a position where I could be indicted.’ And [Trump] is really upset with him, he would love to get rid of him, but for the fact that he has friends over on the Senate side – these Republicans are saying ‘you better not do it Mr. President,’” she said. “The president does not care who you are. If in fact he needs you and you do not respond to him, if you do not protect him, if you do not lie for him, he will throw you under the bus. He will attack you. He has humiliated Jeff Sessions.”

Newly released FEC filings, show Waters has been paying her daughter a over $100k out of her campaign funds.


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