Shock Video: Swedish Women Come Forward About “Migrant” Abuse, Twitter Plays Cover

Swedish video journalist Joakim Lamotte recently took to the streets of Staffanstorp, to interview people on the street regarding abuse by the flood of immigrants. The testimonies of a few of the women, in particular, are quite disturbing. They talk about how they and their families have been threatened and sexually abused, and how the police do nothing.

The original video is over an hour long, seen at the end of this story. Fortunately, Peter Imanuelsen, another Swedish journalist edited it down to the most shocking parts and included English subtitles and posted it to his twitter page, @PeterSweden. Unfortunately, the original link no longer exists, as apparently Twitter is playing cover for the raping refugees.

Fortunately, Facebook page Democracy NEEDS Borders reuploaded it. UNfortunately, not to sound too conspiracy like, but their version of the video appears to not be embed-able, so you’ll have to click the link to go to facebook:

“Young Swedish girl tells of HORRIBLE sexual assaults she has to experience everyday. The gangs even STONED HER DOG when she was out walking. She says “I don’t dare let my brothers and sisters play outside anymore” Credits : PeterSweden (Twitter)”

Swedish website Fria Tider made this report, “Fear in Staffanstorp: They locked me in the toilet and hit me”, all in Swedish but translated here in full:

Joakim Lamotte has visited the small town of Staffanstorp in Skåne, which is now a place filled with violence and insecurity. Thus, in each case, several of the Swedes describe the city. Women tell Lamotte about how they are sexually harassed, brutalized and have their dogs hit with rocks.

“Increased insecurity, violence, threats, explosions, death lists, blades and threads that make ordinary people not dare. No, it’s not a suburb like Rinkeby or Rosengård, but about the small town Staffanstorp in Skåne.” So, journalist Joakim Lamotte describes his latest Swedish report on Facebook.

This time he has visited Staffanstorp in southwestern Skåne, which, for example, was hit by a noticeable knife case a few weeks ago where a 16-year-old boy suffered serious damage. A single member from Afghanistan was then arrested for the deceased.

“They are threatening through my sons to blow me that they are going to f*ck me. They have bullied my youngest son,” says a woman in Joakim Lamottes live broadcast last yesterday.

Another woman explains how home police are afraid to go to the town square in the evening, as “gangs” gather there.
A younger woman then tells how she was sexually harassed and punched on her former school every day. “They locked me in the toilet and hit me with bands. They punched and joked on me. Everything. It happened every day.” Even outdoors she gets attacked. “Suddenly they can go forward and take my breasts. When I [punched] the guy, the whole family came and told me I’m a little horny that I’m going to shut up. When I’m out with my dogs, they throw stones on the dogs,” she continues, pointing out that she is afraid of what will happen to her siblings and cousins ​​in the future.
Another woman tells her how she was brutalized by a gang of 15 people.
A mother also explains that the affected children urge their parents not to do anything, then the gang will be revenge on the children. “You as a parent do not dare say so?” Wonder Joakim Lamotte. “No,” replied the mother, “I do not. Then my son gets on my head.”
But during the live broadcast, a lawyer suddenly comes across and denies this whole horror image of Staffanstorp. He has had it “how quiet” during the spring. The lawyer further claims that Joakim Lamottes website is “terrible” to read. According to the lawyer, it is completely wrong to contribute to “hot” in society and Lamotte does not make any use of Stafffanstorp, he says in the face of the journalist.=
But then the younger woman who was sexually harassed and got her dogs rocked confronted the lawyer with hard words. She asks if he is joking and wondering why he is blind to reality. According to her, it is impossible to deny all testimonies that tell about the many and serious problems in the city.
The full video, all in Swedish:


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