RIGHT NOW: Rand Paul Goes Off On Epic Rant Against Wasteful Spending

Known for his fantastic Twitter tirades, in particular, his annual Festivus tweets, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul once again uses Twitter to demonstrate the outrageous waste his staff has uncovered in the current budget being debated on the Senate floor. This is being coordinated with his speech on the Senate floor.

Perhaps the most egregious thing uncovered is an unfinished hotel in Afghanistan that cost US taxpayers $90 Million, along with another $50 Million in unused equipment. And the hotel will never be completed.

Did you know that we’re paying millions of dollars for things such as studying the effects of cocaine on quails, sending Pakistani kids to Space Camp and Dollywood (yes, a Dolly Parton owned theme park), sponsoring an Afghani Cricket team, a climate change based video game, and to see if taking selfies makes someone happy?

This is all part of Dr. Senator Paul’s new “Penny Plan Budget”, which would cut a penny from every dollar spent and, theoretically, balance the budget by 2023. We’ll see if the Republicans will be the conservative party and pass his plan or if the wasteful spending will continue.

Video of his Senate floor speech is up on C Span, starting around the 25:00 minute mark: https://www.c-span.org/video/?445723-1/us-senate-debates-budget-proposal.


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