Racist Slur Gets Wisconsin Democrat Booted From Committee

“You did a really good job today of acting like a good house nigra” Lena Taylor said to a bank teller when she was trying to deposit a check from a tenant of hers. She admits she used the language in an interview with CBS 58. She allegedly became belligerent, and police arrived to cite her for Disorderly Conduct.

Though the Disorderly Conduct charge looks to be exaggerated, the racist slur was used towards a black employee of the bank. Taylor, whom herself is black, is also a Senator in Wisconsin’s state legislature. She *WAS* the ranking democrat of the budget committee, but has now been removed from that spot, partially due to this incident but also because Taylor has been involved in other discriminatory covfefes.

Wisconsin State Journal reports:

The ranking Democrat on the Legislature’s budget-writing committee was removed Tuesday amid accusations that she retaliated against and bullied one of her employees and after she was cited for using a racial slur in a spat with a bank teller.

Taylor said in a statement that her removal was prompted by a complaint from an employee who has been on paid leave. Taylor called the employee “disgruntled” who was “both unable, and in some instances unwilling to meet the requirements” of the position, which included working at the state Capitol. 

Senate Chief Clerk Jeff Renk denied a Wisconsin State Journal request for copies of the employee’s complaint, but released a document detailing the resolution to the complaint which showed Taylor had violated anti-retaliation and anti-bullying rules governing Senators’ behavior. 

In a letter responding to the records request, Renk also summarized the 2017 complaint which included allegations that Taylor illegally harassed and discriminated against the employee because of the employee’s disability and lighter skin color. The employee also alleged Taylor retaliated because the employee was on paid medical leave for not helping with Taylor’s last campaign, and for bullying staff.

Taylor was ordered to complete anti-bullying, anti-retaliation and interpersonal communication training. 

But Taylor said the employee complained of unfair treatment in the workplace after Taylor asked the employee to improve work performance, and alleged the employee received an $80,000 “no show, no work” arrangement for nearly a year, referring to the employee’s salary.

Taylor also says that this may be retaliation from Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, whom Taylor has been rumored to challenge in the next election. Barrett, you may remember, was last seen losing to Scott Walker in the 2012 recall failure.


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