Ph.D. Candidate Arrested After Vandalizing UNC-Chapel Hill Statue with Red Paint and Blood (VIDEO)

A UNC-Chapel Hill Ph.D. candidate was arrested on Monday after posting video of herself vandalizing a campus statue.

Little, a UNC doctoral candidate, believed it was her right to vandalize the monument until it is removed from campus.

This it the modern day left, folks.
CBS 17 reported:

A woman was captured on camera Monday defacing the Confederate monument on the UNC-Chapel Hill campus known as “Silent Sam.”
Maya Little released a statement after the incident saying she threw her blood and red ink on the monument in protest of the monument.
“The statue, a symbol of UNC’s commitment to white supremacy, has been defaced and protested since 1968. Yet the statue remains on campus 50 years later,” Little’s statement reads.
Little, who is listed as a Ph.D. candidate in history at UNC, said she has been an organizer of the Silent Sam Sit-In since September 2017.
She is expected to appear in court on May 7.
“It is also our duty to continue the struggle against white supremacy that countless others have led since black students have been on this campus,” Little wrote.
Little claims UNC Chancellor Carol Folt has “not taken a single step towards removing Silent Sam” but instead attempted to silence Little’s group.

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