#NeverTrump Hack Ana Navarro Gets ROASTED After Misidentifying Kiddie Field Trip Bus For ‘Baby Prison Bus’

NeverTrumper and CNN darling Ana Navarro is at it again showing faux outrage on Twitter.

This time the hate-filled Democrat #NeverTrumper expressed outrage over what she thought was a prison baby bus. In reality, it’s a field trip bus full of baby seats so ICE can transport children who are in immigration centers to and from the zoo, local park and movie theater. 

The buses are even equipped with DVD players so the children can watch movies.

The left is at it again.

This weekend liberals and their media accused President Trump of losing track of almost 1,500 juvenile alienswho have been “lost” in the system.

On Saturday, Hillary advisor Zac Petkanas accused President Trump of selling children to human traffickers.

Now the leftist liars are sharing a photo of a ‘baby prison bus’ to push an agenda.

The article and photo are from 2016 when Obama was president and the bus is designed to safely transport children to and from field trips. Unbelievable.

Fake News ABC reporter Antonio Arelllano tweeted a picture of a field trip bus and article from two years ago with a caption, “ICE’s largest family detention center, Karnes County Residential Center in Texas, run by contractor GEO Group, has a prison bus just for babies.”

Of course his tweet went viral because liberals are too stupid to fact check.

  1. It was from April 2016, 2) It’s a field trip bus to make sure the children are secured during transport.

According to the article, this is not a baby prison bus. Nurses are present to ensure the safety of the children. In fact, the article states the field trips have been a huge success.

Via GeoGroup:

The expansion created new demands to an already unique transportation mission by requiring larger capacity vehicles to provide offsite field trips. These field trips are part of the contract with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Field trips are provided to all children, ages four through seventeen enrolled in educational programs provided by the John H. Wood Charter School, located at KCRC. Field trips consist of going to a variety of places, such as the San Antonio Zoo, seeing a movie at the local theater, going to the park, etc.

The transportation requirements to handle the increased school enrollment were presented to corporate officials at the end of the 3rd quarter 2015. On February 4, 2016, two new fleet vehicles were delivered to the KCRC to fulfill contractual obligations. The first vehicle is an eighteen-seat passenger bus that is ADA compliant with rear wheelchair lift system and the second bus has twenty-six seats. These vehicles do not have standard GTI security equipment such as steel cages or window bars or screens. Both buses have camera systems and digital video recorders to record all activity during transport.

Due to the unique transportation criteria, KCRC officials worked very closely with GTI Vice President Ed Stubbs and Corporate Fleet Manager Paul Gossard, to outfit and configure the bus cabins to meet ICE requirements and to be compliant with the terms of this unique contract. Both buses are outfitted with standard commercial grade cushioned seating. Each seat has a convertible child safety seat and is equipped with a DVD system with four drop down screens to provide entertainment to the children with onboard movies during transport missions.

At every loading, children are assisted into the safety seat systems either by a nurse, a teacher, or case manager, and secured into the harness system. Once this is done, the GTI drivers check each child to ensure correct application and fit to the harness system. The GTI drivers have all received specialized training and are certified child restraint seat installers. All other passengers not required to be in a safety seat, are also checked for seat belt systems being latched and secure.

For every offsite trip of this nature, an operational plan is developed and submitted to ICE for review and approval. Each trip, and vehicle, requires a minimum of one nurse, two teachers and one case manager. For control and security, GTI staff seat all adult chaperones evenly dispersed throughout the cabin to maintain order and safety of the children during transit.

To date, the field trips have been a huge success and the frequency and numbers of school aged children being transported offsite for these sanctioned activities is expected to increase in the future.

NeverTrump hack Ana Navarro jumped on the ‘baby prison bus’ band wagon without fact-checking and immediately got roasted.

Navarro tweeted, “America, this cannot be who we are.”

The internet responded…


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