Google Marginalizes Memorial Day with a Tiny Thumbnail Size American Flag

It is Memorial Day and every American should be reflecting on our brave veterans who gave up their lives for our freedom.

Unfortunately, Google doesn’t think so.

The global conglomerate is famous for displaying a glorious interactive banner for every holiday or birthday of a famous scientist or leftist.


Google has a special logo, or “Doodle” for everything. Whether it is Independence Day in Jordan, the 50th Anniversary of the Flintstones, or a tribute to Yuri Kochiyama, an extremist who considered Che Guevara, Fidel Castro, and Osama Bin Laden to be heroes, Google has a special logo to celebrate it.

Google, which was the most frequent visitor to the Obama White House and allegedly altered its search engine to benefit Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, goes all out for Earth Day, the most holy of liberal holidays.

But on Memorial Day, a somber remembrance of the men who sacrificed all to maintain our freedom, we get this:

A tiny thumbnail size animated GIF that was slapped on the bottom of the page.

Google could have generated millions in donations if they had linked to a charity for families of those fallen or a charity dedicated to fighting the suicide epidemic among vets, but the flags aren’t even a link.

Perhaps we’re lucky they even gave us tiny flags and a yellow ribbon; some pointed out in 2007 that Google didn’t do anything to recognize Memorial Day. and Yahoo did nothing to commemorate Memorial Day.

Search engine Bing, on the other hand, marked the day by decorating their home pages with bold and touching tributes to the fallen:

Which one does a better job honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice? It’s unanimous:


DuckDuckGo does not celebrate holidays, but has become one of the fastest growing web search engines because it does not “shadow ban” or create algorithms that censor conservative news.


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