EXCLUSIVE: Proof That Twitter’s Bot-Catching Algorithm Targets Trump Supporters — WITH VIDEO

The Gateway Pundit has been provided with additional evidence that Twitter is specifically censoring supporters of President Donald Trump.

In a video provided to the Gateway Pundit, a Twitter user attempted to create two different accounts — one for a Trump supporter and one for a Democrat who is “resisting” the administration.

The video was created and provided to The Gateway Pundit by Twitter user who goes by “BraveSaint1.” They have asked that we withhold their actual identity.

While attempting to create the first account, the person doing the experiment attempted to use the name “American Trump Supporter.” The account was immediately locked and they were unable to even use the platform at all.

Next, the user created an account with the name “Resist Trump Tards” and used the “top liberal hashtags” to create the bio. The account was not locked and was allowed to tweet, follow other users and be followed.

The accounts were set up using identical methods, VPN locations and throwaway email providers.

When asked why they decided to do this experiment, “Brave Saint” explained that they had attempted to make an anonymous pro-Trump account and it was instantly locked. This sparked their curiosity and lead to them conducting the tests.

“So, I stumbled upon this by accident, actually. I’m a fan of big data, analysis, all that sort of stuff. I wanted to run some little ‘tests’ to try and understand how the Zeitgeist of Twitter functions on a deeper level,” the video creator told The Gateway Pundit. “I made an anonymous pro-Trump account and got immediately locked out of my account before I was able to tweet anything or follow anyone. I got interested in finding out what tripped their systems, so I did the same thing with a liberal account.”

One of the fake liberal accounts they created was the first to publish the fake Starbucks reparations flyers that went viral.

“Not only did this account not get locked, but even after being in the spotlight of a major viral news story, that account was still not locked down,” they explained.

The Gateway Pundit has reached out to Twitter for comment and will update this story if one is provided.

A New York federal judge ruled on Wednesday that President Trump cannot block Twitter users over their political views because it is a violation of their First Amendment rights.


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