Antifa Website Calls for Violence Against Upcoming Pro-Life Demo, Urges Thugs Use ‘Same Force as at Nazi Rally’

Antifa is calling for violence against a pro-life rally outside Planned Parenthood in Washington next month, urging that peaceful demonstrators should be “met with the same force as a nazi rally or a white power gathering.”

The group Patriot Prayer has called for a peaceful demonstration outside the Planned Parenthood in Kent on June 9. The group has several speakers lined up to discuss why they believe the organization should be defunded.

The organizers have specifically called for those who attend not to harass any women who are going in or out.

“We are not there to harass any women coming or going, it is important to remain positive and to spread a good message,” the event page reads.

Planned Parenthood has a policy which asks that supporters do not stage counter demonstrations. Yet, arguably the largest Antifa website, It’s Going Down, has put out a call to action to treat the rally attendees as if they are Nazis or white supremacists. Those of us who have been watching Antifa counter protests over the past few years know that means violent assaults, vandalism, intimidation, and general chaos.

In their call to action, the anonymous Antifa author acknowledged Planned Parenthood’s policy of avoiding counter protests, but stated that as anarchists — they do not need to pay attention to that.

Planned Parenthood has a policy in place for supporters to ignore protesters at their sites. As anarchists, we know this is impossible and ‘avoidance politics’ is a particular brand of leftist cowardice,” the call to action states.

The website goes on to call on their readers to “crew up” and use force against the peaceful demonstration.

“This is a call to crew up, roll tight and organize to obstruct yet another targeted attack by Joey Gibson and his rabble of misogynist frat-boys. If we are to continue to call ourselves anti-fascists, these kinds of gendered attacks must be met with the same force as a nazi rally or a white power gathering.”

They also mock the more moderate liberals who oppose political violence and urge readers to team up with people who support it.

“Anarchists and anti-fascists in the Pacific Northwest have learned over the last year that the broader coalition of liberals and socialists who tend to show up to oppose public gathering of the Right are not friendly to tactics of direct action that stray out of the confines of ‘non-violence.’ They will provide no safe space or harbor for those of us willing to carry out direct action against this mob of pond scum, so it is imperative that anarchists and anti-fascists alike organize to keep ourselves safe and protected,” the website suggests.

The founder of Patriot Prayer, Joey Gibson, told the Gateway Pundit that Antifa always calls for violence against their rallies — but that he hasn’t actually seen them back it up since August when several thousand people gathered for a “Rally Against Hate” in response to one of their events. Their pro-Trump event was canceled after the city refused to issue a permit, but a handful of bold supporters still showed up.

Footage from the scene captured shocking amounts of violence, including a Trump supporter being beaten with pipes and sticks.

Gibson did not seem worried, explaining that Antifa seem to be losing their effectiveness. Members of Patriot Prayer also now open carry.

“We will always be prepared, but we will never stand down,” Gibson said. 


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