Roger Stone Needs Your Help: Under Fire By Far Left Media And Shadowy Liberal Operatives

Guest Post by Jacob Engels

Political operative and patriot Roger Stone is facing multiple lawsuits and a bogus Russia investigation.

Many know Roger Stone as the man who helped his longtime friend Donald Trump become President. To others, he is Satan reincarnate, the man who broke the political system and launched their worst nightmare into power instead of corrupt Hillary Clinton.

Since Trump’s election, Stone has defeated one frivolous lawsuit and is currently fending off two others meant to cripple him financially. All because he refuses to abandon President Trump, but also because he has the balls to tell the American people the truth about the treasonous attacks on our President from the intelligence community, military industrial complex, and deep state.

Each and every American should be deeply concerned about the Gestapo style attacks on his confidante and longtime advisor Roger Stone.

One of the lawsuits is being funded by former President Barack Obama’s “Project Democracy”, and the other has been brought by a bizarre Chinese businessman who is under investigation for brazen corruption in his homeland.

He has incurred nearly a million dollars in legal fees, expects to spend much more, and has had to launch a legal defense fund to fight back against the unlimited resources being used against him.

Click here to support Roger Stone’s Legal defense and keep his fight for American freedom and President Trump alive and well.

The mainstream media endlessly drone on about these efforts, former intelligence officers have filed unusual amicus briefs parroting wild conspiracy theories about Stone colluding with Russia, and primetime hosts like MSNBC’s Ari Melber continue to double down on unsubstantiated claims about Trump and Stone that read like the wet dreams of Hillary Clinton. 

If they are able to destroy, or at the very minimum cripple Stone’s ability to defend President Trump and the freedom movement they will push forward until every other voice with which they disagree is silenced.

It will start with people like Mr. Stone, Alex Jones, Matt Drudge, Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, Julian Assange, and any other pro-freedom commentator or voice who stands against their narrative and end on attacks against American citizens, themselves.

Without seasoned street fighters like Roger Stone leading the vanguard and holding the line, imagine the uphill battle we will face, the insurmountable mountain of depravity and dirty tricks that President Trump will be dealt.

Some of you in the Republican Party and conservative movement do not like Roger Stone. Some Americans might not like Roger Stone. However, to put things in perspective, if they can destroy a man like Stone, who has never been afraid of brutal trench warfare, how easily can they destroy and silence you?

The people and organizations that are working to destroy Roger Stone are more interested in stripping him of his voice and freedoms because of his ability to expose the establishment. They would waste no time making similar moves on Berniecrats and progressive voices on the other side of the aisle.

Click here to support Roger Stone’s Legal defense and keep his fight for American freedom and President Trump alive and well.


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