McCabe, Hillary And The Steele Dossier: Excellent Questions ABC’s George Stephanopoulos Failed To Ask James Comey

On Monday, the Wall Street Journal’s Kimberley Strassel tweeted out a list of excellent questions that ABC’s George Stephanopoulos failed to ask fired FBI Director James Comey during an interview that aired Sunday. 

“A few questions @Comey should have been asked–but wasn’t,” began Strassel.

“You repeatedly note the “source” of the dossier (Steele) was “credible.” Does the FBI routinely view as “credible” sources hired by political operatives? You say Steele had a “track record” but did fact he was now working for politicals–in an election year–not concern you?”

“Did you know Mr. Steele had been hired by Fusion GPS? Did FBI do any due diligence on Fusion, and discover its long record of being hired to dirty the reputations of its clients’ political foes? If not, why not?”

“You say you knew dossier was funded by a “Democrat-aligned” group but you never knew which one. Why on earth not? Did FBI truly not care where info came from? Who was paying for it? Doesn’t this go direct to source credibility?”

“Did you ask Steele who had ultimately hired him? If he claimed to not know wouldn’t that be worrisome–that a “credible” source (and former spy!) was willing to work for/benefit an unknown client? If by contrast he refused to tell you, doesn’t that undercut credibility?”

“You claim the “effort” was originally financed by a Republican source. You are aware, correct, that the actual dossier effort was only ever financed by the DNC and Clinton campaign?”

“Steele (by his own admission) handed info to FBI and then briefed press–despite having been told not to Are these the actions of a “credible” source? Does it concern you that your “credible” source blew open to the public your investigation?”

“The FBI must’ve known the fall news stories–particularly Yahoo News–came from Steele. Sourcing was obvious. Yet you told FISA court your “credible” source had not talked to media. Either u didn’t follow up on stories before going to court, or Steele lied to you. Which?”

“You say nobody should ever lie to FBI. If Mr. Steele did lie, why has he not been prosecuted?”

“You admit dossier still “unverified” at the time you were fired. Yet you used specific unverified claims in it (Page) as basis of FISA warrant four times. Explain.”

“You say what mattered was dossier’s central “premise”–that Russia attempted to interfere in election. Can you name a time in modern history where Russia wasn’t doing that? So why then give special credence to a politically motivated, salacious dossier?”

“Again, given your strong feelings about lying: Why did the FBI never take any follow up action against Huma Abedin, whose statements to FBI are at odds with emails FBI possessed?”

“Also on lying: FBI usually interviews witnesses up front, to see if they lie at start. Why did u not interview Clinton until after whole YEAR of work, and after you’d made judgement? U say impt FBI treats everyone same. Why all the special Hillary interview accomodations?”

“Please discuss Andrew McCabe and that IG report that finds he lied repeatedly–both to you and about you. Do you still believe he “stood tall” as you Tweeted in Jan? Or is he one of the “small people” helping “tear down” an institution?”

“You say you believe in “chain of command” and note how you followed AG Lynch’s instructions even on questionable issues (like that “matter”). How do you explain your contrasting dismissal of AG Sessions authority, and your decision to conceal vital information from him?”

“You justify your numerous releases of FBI information on grounds that each met high bar of serving “public interest.” Yet you saw no “public interest” in confirming publicly what you’d told Trump privately–that he was not under investigation?”

“It seems many of your decisions factored in politics. IE you note expecting Clinton to win, worry of “illegitimate” prez. Does this not run directly counter to DOJ policy, which specifically states: “politics must play no role in the decisions of federal investigators”?”


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