Joe DiGenova: “Dirty Cop” James Comey Was “Compromised” From Beginning Of Hillary Email Probe (VIDEO)

On Wednesday evening, Joe DiGenova slammed James Comey, branding the fired FBI Director as a “dirty cop,” unfit to sign off on the Hillary Clinton email probe. The former U.S. Attorney also railed against Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and Attorney General Jeff Sessions over the FBI’s raid on Trump lawyer Michael Cohen’s offices. 

“Rod Rosenstein is so incompetent, compromised and conflicted that he can no longer serve as the deputy attorney general.”

“It’s so appalling in every sense,” diGenova added.

Later, diGenova turned his ire toward Robert Mueller, accusing the special counsel of causing major harm to the Justice Department.

“I have to tell you that what Bob Mueller is doing and has done is destroying the Department of Justice. And for Jeff Sessions to sit there like a bump on a log and do nothing about it is disgraceful,” diGenova said.


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