FOX NEWS: Announcement On U.S Action in Syria is “Imminent”

According to Fox News, an announcement on the United States’ action in Syria is “imminent.”

As the world awaits what the U.S. will do in Syria, ZeroHedge published a solid roundup of today’s updates on the situation:

  • The USS Donald Cook has been parked off of Syrian waters, and has been buzzed by Russian pilots
  • President Trump has deployed  the Harry S. Truman Carrier Strike Group (HSTCSG) to the Mediterranean Wednesday, where it will join the USS Donald Cook off Syrian territorial waters.
  • Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, speaking shoulder-to-shoulder with Emmanuel Macron from Paris, announced his “readiness to work with allies on any military response in Syria if needed.” 
  • Russia vetoed a UN Security Council resolution to investigate the chemical attack. Russia’s UN envoy says the draft was designed to fail, which would thus “justify” unauthorized action in Syria.
  • Russia is jamming military signals for some US drones operating in the skies over Syria, according to NBC, which cited four military officials.

Despite President Donald Trump mulling military options following the alleged chemical attack in Syria, Reuters reported yesterday that the U.S. government has not yet officially confirmed leader Bashar al-Assad is responsible for the incident.

Reuters reports:

The initial assessment of the U.S. government suggests that a nerve agent was used in the weekend chemical attack in Douma, Syria, but further evidence is needed to determine what specific agent was used, U.S. government sources said on Monday.

The sources also said the U.S. government had not yet conclusively determined whether the attack was carried out by President Bashar al-Assad’s Syrian government forces.

On Monday, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley told the UN Security Council that the Trump administration would respond to the attack regardless of how the United Nationals voted.

“History will record this as the moment when the Security Council either discharged its duty or demonstrated its utter and complete failure to protect the people of Syria. Either way, the United States will respond.”

“I could hold up pictures of babies lying dead next to their mothers, in their diapers, all lying together, dead, ashen blue, open eyed and lifeless, white foam bubbling from their mouths and noses,” Haley added.

Trump has warned Syria may pay a price for the alleged attack.

“We are studying that situation extremely closely. We are meeting with our military and everyone else that will be making some major decisions over the next 24 to 48 hours,” Trump told reporters.


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