Facebook Blocks Prominent Gun Rights Organization

Our *good friends* at Facebook have apparently blocked Oregon Firearms Federation founder and director Kevin Starrett from being able to post a few days ago.

“I have no idea why I was blocked and FB does not respond to questions about it. Clearly we have always had strong views posted on FB with no problems. But if any random individual can complain and silence you, Facebook is a forum we will be moving away from” Starrett tells The Gateway Pundit.

OFF made a post on their webpage, and were able to send out an email blast the other day:

Today Facebook blocked OFF from posting on its page. There was no explanation.

We know that Facebook manipulates its content and blocks any material that it does not agree with, but this is the first time OFF has been cut off from posting messages. This is all we received:

“You recently posted something that violates Facebook policies, so you’re temporarily blocked from using this feature. For more information, visit the Help Center.”

Needless to say, the “Help Center” provided no help.

While Facebook has been a useful tool for reaching people and giving them the opportunity to respond, it is becoming increasingly clear that it is a medium that is designed to control its users, mine their data and silence any information not in line with its narrative. This is amazingly dangerous.

If you are a Facebook user be aware that the information you are getting there is heavily controlled. (Like you didn’t know that.)

By *pure coincidence*, this just happens to be at a time when two anti-gun ballot initiatives are getting off the ground. Initiative Petition 43 would ban 95% of the guns currently owned and require currently legal gun owners to turn in anything that would violate the new prospective law, while petition number 44 would result in grandpa being tossed in jail if someone steals his gun and uses it in a crime.

Both operations turned in the required number of initial “sponsorship” signatures, and are now awaiting the “draft ballot title” from the attorney general. Once a “draft ballot title” becomes the official ballot title, then the two operations are clear to gather the rest of the 88,000+ signatures needed to make the ballot.


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