“You Called Us Nazis!” Students Repeatedly Ask Teacher to Take Down “Nazis = Republicans” Sign – She Refuses (VIDEO)

After an image of a poster comparing Republicans to Nazis in a Nebraska high school classroom went viral, the school claimed that the teacher does not share the views expressed in the printout and that it was simply a “writing prompt.”

However, new video obtained by author and political commentator Jack Posobiec reveals the Adams Center High School students asking the teacher to take it down, and her refusal while demanding that it is “the truth.”

“You may not like it, but it’s the truth,” the English teacher is heard saying in the video.


The poster featured bullets in colors representing the American flag and stated that “Americans are 20 times more likely to be murdered with a gun than people in other developed countries.” Below that, there were lists comparing Republicans to Nazis with “Any Questions?” and “The truth hurts,” written below.


“You called us Nazis!” a student is heard saying in the video.

After photos of the poster went viral, the school released a statement on their website saying that it was brought in by a student.

“The flyer depicted ways in which the Republican Party is supposedly similar to the Nazi Party.  The flyer was posted in the classroom for students to apply critical analysis using the ACT rubric. Meaning, students were to assess whether the message in the flyer was reliable or ‘fake news,’” the statement from Adams Carter High School said. “Unfortunately, commentators on social media have jumped to the conclusion that the teacher and the school district agree with the flyer’s message. That is false. The lesson was intended to develop students’ ability to distinguish reliable viewpoints from unreliable viewpoints. Based on some of the comments we have received, it appears this is a skill worth developing.”

Following their statement, the video was sent to Posobiec by a concerned parent who argued that in the footage you can clearly see the teacher defending the positions on the poster. “It’s the truth,” the teacher is heard saying.

“It was used as a writing prompt, but the teacher was definitely supportive of using it, regardless of who brought it in,” Posobiec told the Gateway Pundit. “So, apparently the new standard is that teaching kids that Republicans are Nazis is acceptable for the classroom.”


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