Family of Murdered Parkland Student NOT ALLOWED TO SPEAK at DC #MarchForOurLives Rally — They Aren’t Anti-Gun

The family of slain Parkland student Meadow Pollack was disinvited from speaking at the March for Our Lives rally in Washington, DC. The family is not pushing gun control, but rather securing our schools and protecting our children.

Meadow’s brother, Hunter Pollack, had prepared a touching and thoughtful speech — which he instead shared in a Facebook Live video online.

“We need to be on a mission to stop these monsters before they take action inside our schools. We must demand our leaders to help those that who are sick, but we must also demand that they protect those of us that are not,” Hunter’s speech began. “In closing I ask you to say my sister’s name to yourself. It’s such a beautiful name. Meadow. If you say her name it’s impossible not to feel the beauty of who she was and who she will always be. Meadow. It makes me think of a sunny day like this one, a day when the sun shines on our youth and on our desire to live a safe and happy life.”

Meadow was an 18-year-old senior when her life was tragically cut short along with 16 of her fellow students on Valentine’s Day. The Pollack family believes that her death was because the school was not secured properly and action was never taken despite all the glaring warning signs about the shooter.

Meadow’s father Andrew has organized a motorcycle ride in honor of his daughter that will take place on March 31.

“We are calling for Motorcycle Riders from South Florida to join as one to ride for the memory of the 17 victims of the Stoneman Douglass School Shooting. The ride will take us from Palm Beach Harley-Davidson to the home of Andrew Pollack, father of Meadow, in Coral Springs,” the website states.

Similar to other survivors who disagree that the answer to school violence is disarming the population, the Pollack family has been shunned by much of the mainstream media outside Fox News. It is hard to imagine that this is unrelated to their lack of willingness to shill for Democratic policies.

Her grieving father was previously subjected to disgusting and hateful backlash online after being pictured wearing a “Trump 2020” shirt.


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