Crooked Hillary Fractures Her Wrist After Slipping in Palace Bathtub in India

Failed Democratic nominee for president Hillary Clinton slipped and nearly fell down twice during her visit to Jahaz Mahal on Monday.

Hillary Clinton then fractured her wrist Tuesday after she slipped and fell in a palace bathtub in India.

While visiting the Jahaz Mahal, Hillary slipped TWICE walking down steps despite two men holding her up.

As previously reported, Hillary Clinton is first seen walking down the steps with one man holding her arm. She slipped and lost her footing so another man flanked her and grabbed her other arm to stabilize her.

Even though two men were holding her arms, she managed to lose her footing a second time!

Huma Abedin is seen walking behind Hillary Clinton in a light blue dress and white hat.

Hillary then fractured her wrist after slipping for the THIRD TIME in India.

The Daily Mail reported:

The former Secretary of State injured her right hand on Tuesday after slipping in a bathtub at the palace where she was staying in Jodhpur.

Doctors were called to the Umaid Bhawan Palace and diagnosed the 70-year-old with a sprain, advising her to rest which forced her to cancel plans to visit the Mehrangarh Fort that evening.

But the pain only worsened, and by Wednesday morning she decided to get her hand checked out at Goyal Hospital.

Doctors there administered a CT Scan and an X-ray of Clinton’s wrist, and determined that she had a hairline fracture, the Times of India reports.

Hillary tried to conceal her wrist injury by wearing a large navy blue shawl on Thursday as she departed India.

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Hillary Clinton disparaged Trump voters during a fireside chat in India this week.

She attacked white married women and middle America in what most people are calling her second ‘deplorables’ moment.


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