Jailed Because She’s Conservative=> Canadian YouTuber and Activist Lauren Southern Denied Entry, Detained in the UK

Canadian YouTuber and right-wing activist Lauren Southern has been detained in the United Kingdom and has had her phone and passport taken from her.

The detention comes on the same day that they released American YouTuber and activist Brittany Pettibone and Austrian activist Martin Sellner after refusing them entry into the nation and detaining them for nearly three days.


Southern was travelling to the UK by bus when she was singled out by border police and taken in for questioning. The Gateway Pundit attempted to call her cellphone, but it was immediately sent to voicemail.

Sellner and Pettibone had been detained and denied entry for him planning to give a speech and her plans to interview right-wing journalist and UK citizen Tommy Robinson.

Southern had planned to meet with the duo in the UK prior to their detention.


Following the questioning, Southern messaged Pettibone and told her that they were taking her phone and placing her in detention.


“Does this mean conservatives are no longer welcome in the U.K.?” Pettibone tweeted with a screenshot of the conversation.

More…. Lauren was denied entry because she spoke out against radical Islam — which is not a race.


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