Antifa Anarchists to Hold ‘Armed Defense’ Workshop During Three-Day Conference in Arizona

Antifa communists will be heading to Arizona in April for a three-day long conference that will feature workshops such as “Armed Defense,” “Practical Taekwondo,” and “Anti-Police Community Support.”

The event will be taking place at the Táala Hooghan Infoshop in Flagstaff and tickets are on a sliding scale from $10-50. “Infoshops are radical information distribution and meeting centers most often organized by anarchists. Their history is largely uncharted and they are spread across the globe,” the website explains.

“A 3-day gathering to provide anti-fascist & anti-colonial workshops, skill-shares, and discussions to further our communities capacities to fight back against all forms of oppression and for defense of Mother Earth,” the event description reads.

The event listing adds that there will be “no drugs, alcohol, or jerks (cops/transphobes/homophobes/white supremacists/misogynists…)” allowed at the event.

While the Democratic Party has been largely attacking the Second Amendment, the far left and communists tend to disagree. Armed Antifa groups have been seemingly on the rise since the election season.

In January, Dwayne Dixon, a University of North Carolina anthropology professor and leader of the armed Antifa group Redneck Revolt, admitted to chasing James Alex Fields Jr. with a rifle just before he drove into a group of protesters in Charlottesville — killing Heather Heyer.

Dixon’s militant leftist group, Redneck Revolt, has approximately 40 chapters nationwide.

A few months before the clash in Charlottesville, an Arizona chapter of the organization, which was previously known as the “John Brown Gun Club,” released an unintentionally comical video showcasing their “training day.” In the footage, the oddballs are seen shooting at printouts of memes, including Pepe the Frog.


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