Irexit Conference: EU Project ”Hollowing Out” Nation States, ”Prototype For Something Far Bigger”

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The core of Europe – its 2,000-year-old Christian civilization – is under constant attack by the ‘’new ideologies of the European Union’’, a conference in the Irish capital has heard. Billed as a starting point for ‘’Irexit’’ – Ireland’s withdrawal from the EU – attendees heard multiple speakers outline the reasons for a so-called Irexit, from the crippling costs incurred in propping up the single European currency to the effects of Brussels’ open borders ideology.

Ireland’s much vaunted ‘’love affair’’ with the bloc was nothing more than an ‘’an arranged marriage’’, writer John Waters claimed, based solely on money which incompetent politicians were reliant upon to run the country.

‘’The elites who run us have decided that the people are an inconvenience. If they had their way, they would have an election to elect a new people’’, the keynote speaker quipped, alluding to the multiple plebiscites which had been ignored by Brussels, including Nice and Lisbon Treaty referenda in Ireland and the European Constitution votes in the Netherlands and France.

Successive EU treaties had ‘’hollowed out’’ Europe’s nation states in the interest of transnational high finance and big capital, veteran campaigner, Professor Anthony Coughlan, explained earlier in the conference, stating that there was no good argument for Ireland to remain in what he described as a ‘’Franco-German racket’’ once the United Kingdom leaves.

Moreover, it would be foolish to go deeper into what was a ‘’fundamentally a doomed entity’’, an anti-democratic project which had set out to take away people’s national democracy and independence.

Ireland now needed a ‘’movement of democratic citizens’’ to take advantage of Brexit and lead the country out of the EU, the veteran campaigner added, warning as did several speakers that the recently signed PESCO defense pact was taking the project one step closer to an EU army.

Political scientist, Karen Devine, highlighted the economic downside to Ireland’s membership of the EU, focusing on poorly negotiated fishing rights which see the island nation take only 8%, or €500 million, of its rightful €6 billion annual catch. She reminded the audience that the country had been pressured by the ECB (European Central Bank) and the European Commission into accepting its €85 billion ‘’bailout’’ loan ($106 billion) in 2010 in order to save the euro. Such neo-imperialist interventions had resulted in devastating social crises in countries like Ireland to the economic benefit of Germany, she expanded, citing the billions removed from health care and social programs, a suicide epidemic and mass emigration of young people.

Outlining the importance to Germany of maintaining the single currency, the Dublin City University lecturer quoted an estimate from German state bank, KfW, that its country’s economy would have grown by €50-60 billion less in 2009 and 2010 had it not been for the euro.

A hero’s welcome for Brexit bad boy Nigel Farage and the presence of distinctive red Trump hats suggested a wider political phenomenon at play in Dublin, in tune with movements manifesting across the western world. Likewise for the lampooning of the political class and a noticeable cynicism of mainstream media, criticism of which drew some of the loudest applause of the afternoon.

The EU project, sold to voters as a trading bloc, was ‘’one giant con from the word go’’, according to Farage. Brussels was ‘’a temple to the globalists’’ he told the crowd, many of whom saw the EU as ‘’a prototype for something far bigger.’’

‘’They want a world of corporatism, a world where they effectively own the political class, own the law-making system of government’’, he stated. The Brexit leader referenced former US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, as wanting the U.S to be part of what she called a ‘’hemispheric common market [with open trade and open borders]’’, essentially an extension of the Brussels model. The remarks made by Clinton to a private paying audience were revealed by Wikileaks in 2016.

Further Gateway Pundit coverage of Farage’s address on Irexit can be seen here.

Image result for irexit crowd

Image result for irexit crowd

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The world was coming in to Europe at a time when Europe seemed to have lost the sense of what it was, writer John Waters offered, quoting Douglas Murray’s ‘’A Strange Death of Europe.’’ The continent was becoming a multicultural soup which lacked any content or unity and was dividing into ‘’a multiplicity of enclave entities.’’

 Yet awoken by the ‘’encroaching totalitarianisms that have pushed just a little too far, too fast’’ the people of the west were awakening from their slumber, Waters observed.

‘’A revolution is coming… It is a revolution, fundamentally, against bullshit and bullying.’’ It was also, he surmised, a rejection of political correctness, which he characterized as a ‘’strategic tyranny of censorship designed not merely to stop people saying certain things but even thinking certain things.’’

Waters called for a patriotic movement which would respect the Irish nation and its traditions, a call echoed by Galway Councilor James Charity among others, who recommended the enthusiasm of the event be harnessed for the approaching European elections in 2019. Ireland, now an overall contributor to EU coffers could expect its net contribution to rise to €1.1billion a year by 2021 ($1.4 billion), the Galway councilor warned, quoting government figures, and noting that this may rise as the EU seeks to cover the massive deficit left by the UK’s departure.

Closing his headline address, UKIP MEP Farage told the hall it was incumbent upon those present to organize and mobilize ahead of the 2019 elections. No matter how intellectually perfect or well presented an argument may be, the political class would only sit up and take notice when votes were being taken away from them, the Brexit veteran noted; advice not lost on the crowd as hundreds enthusiastically signed up for further involvement at the close of the event.

Regardless of whether or not an Irexit is likely in the short to medium term, the Gateway Pundit concludes that something may be stirring in Ireland.

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