FIGURES. Sensitive Snowflake Who Resigned from FBI Cuz People Write Mean Things=> WAS COMEY’S PERSONAL ASSISTANT

Josh Campbell quit the FBI this week.
Then he wrote an op-ed for The New York Times where he complained about people exposing the corruption and criminal acts by agency leaders.

Maybe the FBI wasn’t a good fit for Josh?

Josh believes the FBI is above the law.

People shouldn’t attack the FBI because it’s bad for the agency.
The New York Times thinks we should all stop picking on the FBI and let them continue their witch hunt against President Trump.

Political operatives are weaponizing their disagreement with a particular investigation in a bid to undermine the credibility of the entire institution. “The system is rigged” is their slogan, and they are now politicizing the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act process used to collect critical intelligence about our adversaries.

The assumption among confused and dismayed F.B.I. employees is that the attacks are meant to soften the blow should the investigation by Mr. Mueller, the special counsel, lead to additional charges. However, these kinds of attacks by powerful people go beyond mere criticism — they could destroy the institution.

For the record…
At the end of the opinion piece there is a little descriptor in small print.


Josh Campbell was Comey’s personal assistant.

Josh is a lot like his former boss.

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