WHOOPS: AP Admits They Ran #FakeNews About Nicholas Cruz Being White Nationalist, Issue Strange Semi-Retraction

The MSM was so turned on when they thought school-shooter and garbage-person Nicholas Cruz was also part of a fringe white nationalist group in Flordia. Unfortunately for them, this was fake news given to them by a random 4Chan troll. Just hours after this false report came out, Tallahassee law enforcement said they have not found any ties between Cruz and the group, the connection was absolutely made up. Frustrated, the MSM immediately apologized to the public for printing the fake news and issued a retraction kept the story up for over 35 hours to guarantee that the fake story got as much traction as it possibly could: and it did.

Well, after the AP, ADL, and a handful of others realized that their fake news had run it’s cycle and was believed by millions of Americans, the AP sheepishly took to Twitter to say “we were lied to.”

White nationalist appears to have lied to the AP, other news outlets when he claimed that Florida school-shooting suspect was a member of his group.

Yes. That’s literally all they have to say. Not an article, not a press release, just a single sentence saying the printed unverified news.





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