UPDATE: Police Say NO TIES Found Between White Nationalist Group & High School Gunman Nikolas Cruz

Earlier Thursday, the Anti-Defamation League reported Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School gunman Nikolas Cruz was a member of the Republic of Florida Militia, a white nationalist group seeking “to create a “white ethnostate” out of Florida.”

However, Tallahassee law enforcement says they have not found any ties between Cruz and the group. 

Tallahassee Democrat reports:


Local law enforcement sources have so far not found a connection between accused Parkland school shooter Nikolas Cruz and a Tallahassee-based paramilitary group.

Leon County law enforcement sources told the Tallahassee Democrat that they could not find information linking Cruz to the Republic of Florida Militia, as first reported by the group’s self-proclaimed leader Jordan Jereb.

Leon County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Grady Jordan said investigative work Thursday did not yield any connections.

“We are still doing some work but we have no known ties between the ROF, Jordan Jereb or the Broward shooter,” Jordan said.

Asked if Cruz was a member of the group, Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel replied, “It’s not confirmed at this time, we have heard that, we’re looking into that.”


Jereb is now “backtracking,” on his claims about Cruz.

“Jordan Jereb, the ADL’s source on the Florida shooter’s ties to white supremacist groups, is now backtracking on Gab, claiming that he lied, or was underslept and made a mistake. Local law enforcement are now saying there are “no known ties” between Cruz and Jereb,” tweeted Mic reporter Jack Smith.

As The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft reported earlier, Jordan Jereb, head of the Republic of Florida, told reporters Cruz was a member of the group.

Jereb threatened the staff of Republican Governor Rick Scott in 2016.

Jereb threatened civil war in May 2016.

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