Mother of Julian Assange Speaks Out – Stop Spreading Propaganda About His Situation!

The brave mother of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange spoke out about press freedom and the conspiracy theories surrounding her son’s circumstances in a radio interview on Thursday evening.

Christine Assange

Christine Assange, a brilliant and outspoken activist in her own right, appeared on Randy Credico’s collaboration between his show Live on the Fly and Flashpoints as part of the second season of his series Julian Assange: Countdown to Freedom, on KPFA Radio.

“As WikiLeaks is moving further into exposing the Deep State — in particularly the CIA with the Vault 7 and Vault 8 publications, the political persecution is intensifying,” Assange said. “They’re now moving to lean on people who would normally support Julian. They’re doing the same, I think, with the Trump administration.”

She said that while she is personally not a supporter of Trump or Hillary Clinton, it appears that “they’re having a go” at anyone who dares to challenge the Deep State, and she finds that concerning.

“WikiLeaks has been publishing for eleven years, it is 100% completely funded by the public unlike many in the news media who are funded by corporations,” she said. “So, they’re responsible to the public.”

She noted that her son’s organization has a 100% uncontested accuracy record while dealing with over 10 million documents — and unlike the mainstream media, they have never had to retract a story. “WikiLeaks publishes the truth,” she said, adding that they have published information about both Democrats and Republicans, which is evidence that they are objective.

“They have revealed more in their short time as a publisher than all other publications put together in reference to how power really operates,” the proud mother asserted.

She said that the objective of the organization is to reveal how governments and shadow governments behind both parties operate — and not just parrot what they want you to think.

Speaking on media outlets beyond her son’s, Assange said that “small is beautiful.”

When big money is involved, she pointed out, corruption is far more likely.

“If the funding is coming from the people, there is way less pressure to push something politically one way or the other,” she said, drawing the contrast between independent media and outlets such as the Washington Post — which has been purchased by Silicon Valley billionaire Jeff Bezos.

During her appearance, she also discussed the report on how President Donald Trump’s lawyers made a brilliant case for freeing her son in a legal filing on December 29, which was first covered here at Gateway Pundit.

In defense of the Trump campaign in a wacky Russiagate lawsuit, a 32-page motion to dismiss by Michael A. Carvin argued that the publishing of the DNC leak passes both aspects of the Bartnicki First Amendment Test, and thus should be considered protected speech.

“The Trump response to defend the administration inadvertently is going to be protecting WikiLeaks,” Assange said of the filing. “It’s quite a solid case for disbanding the WikiLeaks grand jury. I’m sure it wasn’t put that way for this reason — but in defending themselves they defended WikiLeaks against a prosecution under the First Amendment.”

Towards the conclusion of the interview, Assange asked newer supporters of WikiLeaks to stop buying into strange social media claims about her son’s condition and status. She stated that those who have been standing by the organization for a long time are familiar with these types of disinfo campaigns and that the newcomers will need to get used to them as well.

“I would like to have a little talk with the new WikiLeaks supporters. Those who have been around for a long time know that Julian and WikiLeaks come under significant attacks and black propaganda from time to time to destabilize them. The last one was when Julian’s Twitter account went down with some sort of glitch,” she explained.

“All of a sudden, out comes all these twitchy anti-WikiLeaks trolls — all over WikiLeaks’ feed saying that Julian has been compromised, that he’s been taken over by the CIA and WikiLeaks can’t be trusted and so you shouldn’t fund them anymore. I would ask the new WikiLeaks supporters not to buy into this. You may have your concerns, of course we all do, because we all love Julian and want to defend and protect him — but WikiLeaks is actually at war,” Assange asserted. “The US State Department and the Deep State have declared war on WikiLeaks.”

Seemingly every time something happens with Assange or his Twitter account conspiracy theorists appear with wild accusations. The theories usually include unfounded claims that he has been compromised or that he has reached a deal and is out of the embassy — but sometimes the falsehoods are far worse. In one of the more extreme and far-reaching theories, a group of people on Twitter have been peddling lies that Julian was assassinated in October of 2016 — and that his televised appearances are digital or holograms.

These disinfo campaigns completely ignore the fact that many journalists and friends of Assange have visited him within the past year — including Pamela Anderson, Charles Johnson, Tim Pool, Randy Credico, and Rep. Dana Rohrabacher.

Sources close to WikiLeaks have previously told me that they believe these lies, disguised by those who start them as concern, are designed to sow public distrust with the organization.

“I would ask the new WikiLeaks supporters to just hold the line, just wait until you hear from WikiLeaks. If anything happens to my son, don’t you worry, I will be out there screaming from the rooftops,” she said. “His friends, his colleagues, his lawyers — we will all let you know if anything has gone wrong. You don’t have to worry about that.”

She added that her son is not a machine, he is a human being… and that he has been suffering under extreme detention conditions, without sunlight or fresh air. “I don’t know how he does it, but for goodness sake, if he takes a couple day off, don’t freak out,” she said.

The strong mom urged those who may worry about her son to use their care for him in more constructive ways than caving to the propaganda — such as donating to the organization, creating art or supporting him on social media.

“We need WikiLeaks warriors — not WikiLeaks worriers,” Assange said.


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