The Left Hits Panic Mode=> Former Fed. Prosecutor Promises to Press Charges Against Rep. Nunes if FISA Memo Released

The left has officially reached panic mode–

As reported earlier by Byron York the House Intelligence Committee scheduled a vote on Monday to release the explosive classified FISA Memo.

Josh Caplan posted earlier Sean Hannity’s “Tick Tock…” tweet about the Monday vote.

The House Intelligence Committee vote is scheduled for 5 PM on Monday in the Capitol where Republicans hold a 13 to 9 majority. The committee will then wait a decision from President Trump on whether he supports the release of the classified memo on Deep State corruption in the Hillary Clinton and Trump Russia investigations.

The White House already announced they support the release of the memo.


The corrupt Justice Department (shadow government) wants to approve the memo before it is released.

Sara Carter announced on Sunday morning the memo could be released early this week, possibly Monday.

This has Democrats and the Shadow Government very upset and worried.

Now this…

Former far left federal prosecutor Frank Figliuzzi told MSNBC he will press charges for a criminal investigation of Representative Devin Nunes if the FISA memo is released to the public.

Figliuzzi went on MSNBC last night.

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