Breaking: White House Is Pressing for Release of Explosive FISA Memo – Early This Week, Possibly Monday! (VIDEO)

Sara Carter joined FOX and Friends Weekend on Sunday to discuss the secret explosive FISA Memo.

Sara told FOX News the White House is pressing for the release of the explosive memo.

Sara Carter told the FOX anchors, “This is really going to be big!”


FOX and Friends host Pete Hegseth said the release may be on Monday.

Sara Carter: We know that probably within the week, now I’m not guessing tomorrow. I’ve been hearing different things. The House Intelligence Committee will go to a vote on this first. This is what has to happen first. We know that the president right now, according to my sources, is not going to object to the release of the memo and I think that’s what’s most important here.

Via FOX and Friends:

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