Laura Ingraham Takes on Unhinged Feminist for Trashing Melania Trump

Writer Sarah Beauchamp has been trashing Melania Trump in seemingly every outlet that will publish her work, and Fox News host Laura Ingraham has had enough.

Beauchamp’s most recent piece attacking the First Lady appeared in Nylon Magazine on Monday. The article was titled, ‘No, Melania Trump Is Not Trolling Her Husband’ with a subheading that read “she just hates him like the rest of us.”

Along with using a wildly unflattering photo, Beauchamp asserted that Melania “hates” her husband.

Other recent fake news from Beauchamp includes a write up on Nylon about the disproven claim that Ivanka Trump had Chef José Andrés kicked out of a DC restaurant.

Appearing on Tuesday’s edition of the Ingraham Angle, the host took the writer to task after she claimed that she would judge any woman who would marry Trump — while also still claiming to be a feminist who believes that women should be able to choose their own paths in life.

“How is it being a feminist — for you to question another woman’s lifestyle choices, whatever they may be?” Ingraham said.

The writer began to claim that she wouldn’t, before conceding that she would judge Melania as her husband is a “disgusting human being” and “that’s a fact.”

“I personally can’t imagine a worse person to be married to than Donald Trump,” Beauchamp said.

“So let me get this straight, you’re a reporter and you’re writing about Melania Trump as if she is a political actor here?” Ingraham asked before laying into Beauchamp for claiming to be a reporter while asserting that a subjective statement is not a fact.

Ingraham then asked the writer if she had passed the same judgements about Hillary Clinton and her husband. “Is her husband disgusting?” the host demanded, which Beauchamp dodged and refused to answer.

Beauchamp additionally stated that she “can’t imagine being married to him.”

“I don’t think anyone cares if you want to marry him or not. He didn’t ask you to marry him,” Ingraham responded.


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