Huh? Twitter Accuses Account Created in July 2017 of Spreading Russian Propaganda During the 2016 Election

On Friday Twitter sent out an email to Twitter users regarding the so-called ‘Russian influence campaigns’ that took place on the social media platform during the 2016 presidential election.

The Gateway Pundit’s Associate Editor Cristina Laila received this email from Twitter on Friday.

The email informed users that Twitter is actively working to understand ‘Russian-linked activities’ on the platform that took place during the 2016 presidential election. Twitter claims they have identified and suspended a ‘number of accounts that were potentially connected to propaganda efforts by a Russian government-linked organization known as the Internet Research Agency’.


Twitter sent the warning to “Liquid IQ” last night:

Via The Donald Reddit:

The Liquid IQ account was created in July 2017 — eight months after the election.

It’s safe to say Liquid IQ was not spreading Russia propaganda during the election.

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