Twitter Sends Users Creepy ‘Big Brother’ Email Regarding Secret ‘Russian Influence’ Online

On Friday, Twitter sent out an email to Twitter users regarding the so-called ‘Russian influence campaigns’ that took place on the social media platform during the 2016 presidential election.

The subject line of the email from Twitter read, “Information Regarding Russian Influence Campaigns on Twitter”.

The Gateway Pundit’s Associate Editor Cristina Laila received this email from Twitter on Friday.

The email informed users that Twitter is actively working to understand ‘Russian-linked activities’ on the platform that took place during the 2016 presidential election. Twitter claims they have identified and suspended a ‘number of accounts that were potentially connected to propaganda efforts by a Russian government-linked organization known as the Internet Research Agency’.

Here’s where the email turns creepy Big Brother…

Twitter users received this email because Twitter believes they either ‘followed, re-tweeted or liked’ content from one of these so-called Russian propaganda Twitter accounts.

Twitter went on to say there is no security concerns with the user accounts who receive these emails.

The social media giant also linked to a blog where people can view content from the suspended accounts.

According to Twitter’s blog post, they sent this email to 677,775 people in the United States:

Consistent with our commitment to transparency, we are emailing notifications to 677,775 people in the United States who followed one of these accounts or retweeted or liked a Tweet from these accounts during the election period. Because we have already suspended these accounts, the relevant content on Twitter is no longer publicly available.

In total, during the time period we investigated, the 3,814 identified IRA-linked accounts posted 175,993 Tweets, approximately 8.4% of which were election-related.

Twitter closed the email by saying they are actively working to stop malicious accounts and tweets from spreading and are committed to being transparent.

What about all of the fake Hillary Supporter accounts?

What does Twitter consider ‘malicious’? Well according to Project Veritas’ new undercover videos, Twitter is actively targeting Trump supporters with their algorithms.

Also, why does Twitter discriminate against Russians? Are they investigating other countries besides Russia who may have tweeted about the 2016 presidential election?

Vice Chairman of the Intel Committee, Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) previously raged about the dangerous ‘Russian Twitter trolls‘ and vowed to get to the bottom of it so he was just so proud of Twitter’s efforts…

Screenshot of the email below:

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