Democrat Congressional Candidate Loses It – Refers to Fox News as KKK TV

Guest post by John S. Roberts at Right Observer:

Oh, goody. Another crazed Democrat has decided to say something incredibly asinine and insane.

According to Congressional candidate Brianna Wu, Fox News caters to the KKK.

From Downtrend:

Brianna Wu is a video game developer, a feminist, and is running for Congress in Massachusetts as a democrat. She is also certifiably insane, having once accused Elon Musk of wanting to nuke the Earth with moon rocks. Seriously, she said this. Because she wants a seat in the US House of Representatives, she’s trying to tone down her insanity by calling Fox News “KKK TV.” While that may not seem all that bonkers, the reason why she thinks Fox is racist is because Tucker Carlson said that people are individuals, not racial groups.

“Apparently, the KKK have their own television station now. Not even joking. I grew in Mississippi, this is word for word the “white people are the real victims” nonsense they spew,” wrote Wu.

Dude, she’s not even joking about this being the same thing that racists say in Mississippi. It’s actually more like something Martin Luther King Jr. said, but we’ll get to that in a second.

As you can see, Wu included a picture of Tucker Carlson from Fox News with graphics on the screen. This is the basis for her calling Fox the official station of the KKK, but maybe we should actually analyze the message Carlson is trying to convey.

Paste Magazine has more on Wu:

Aside from a brief stint in political fundraising during her younger years, Wu has no political experience. However, what she does have is the support of a large portion of feminists due to her time speaking out against online harassment. Wu first came to the public eye in 2014 during the throes of the infamous GamerGate mess, a movement that started out with an angry screed written by a spurned ex-lover and, through a series of ill-conceived events, evolved into a large-scale harassment campaign allegedly questioning the integrity of gaming journalism. Wu was a prominent target for harassment by the organization after speaking out against them. Since then, she has become a prominent figure for women’s rights in the gaming community, appearing on MSNBC, Inc. and The Guardian to speak out against GamerGate and, later, the alt-right movement that is closely associated with it.

To a Democrat who opposes Lynch’s policies, Wu may seem like the ideal candidate. Her lack of political experience may be an issue, sure, but she at least represents more progressive ideas in 2017 than her opponent, right? Yet, it only takes a bit of research to see that Wu’s campaign is steeped in classism, gentrification and has a lot more in common with Donald Trump’s than she will ever admit.

Let’s hope the good folks of Massachusetts don’t elect this far left nut.

Brianna, keep this in mind: It’s better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.

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