Wow! Former Jeb Bush Campaign Spokesman Reportedly Fed Anti-Roy Moore Hit Piece to WaPo

In early November Judge Roy Moore from Alabama was leading ultra-liberal Doug Jones by 20+ points in Alabama.

Then the Washington Post published allegations of Roy Moore courting a young teenager 38 years ago in Alabama.
That sent the liberal media on a frenzied attack against Judge Moore.

Today Democrats think they have a shot at the Alabama race and several Republicans like Mitch McConnell are supporting Jones.


Now this…
According to Big League Politics former Jeb Bush spokesperson Tim Miller leaked the anti-Moore stories to the Washington Post.
Is anyone surprised?
Big League Politics reported

Former Jeb Bush campaign staffer Tim Miller was responsible for giving anti-Roy Moore information to the Washington Post, according to text messages obtained by Big League Politics.

Tim Miller is the co-founder of America Rising super PAC, which was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars apiece by the Republican National Committee and the Senate Leadership Fund during the 2016 campaign cycle. Miller now works for Definers, which is a major vendor to America Rising. He served on the Bush campaign in a communications role and has since established himself as an anti-Trump Republican lauded by the anti-Trump left for his opposition to the Republican president.

Big League Politics has obtained screenshots of a text conversation between Tim Miller and conservative writer Charles C. Johnson. In the conversation, Miller refers to “Beth.” He is referring to Beth Reinhard, a Washington Post reporter who has pushed the allegations against Moore…

…These text messages reveal a few things: the Republican Establishment’s relationship with the Post’s anti-Moore coverage, the cunning of writer Charles Johnson in trapping Miller, and former Bush staffer Miller’s cluelessness about how to conduct himself in the world of political subterfuge. Miller denied to BLP that he was involved in the Washington Post story “or any others where women spoke out about Judge Moore,” but the text messages below leave no doubt as to his invovlement:

It sure looks like Miller fed the info to the Washington Post — from his own words.

Read the rest here.

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