Watch the Guys From Black Rifle Coffee Play Christmas Songs With Guns

The guys from Black Rifle Coffee Company have created the perfect Christmas video for Second Amendment loving patriots as they hilariously play some of the holiday’s classics by shooting at steel.

The small-batch, roast to order, veteran owned coffee company is known for making fun videos of themselves shooting and blowing stuff up, but they just may have out done themselves with this one.

The video opens with the men, wearing Christmas sweaters of course (one of which features Sasquatch in a bikini), playing Jingle Bells by shooting at the musical plinking target. There are also appearances from Santa and a man dressed as Ralphie from the Christmas Story — complete with pink bunny suit.


“Nothing says Christmas like suppressed SBR’s…….and a pink bunny suit,” one person commented on the video.

Watch out Starbucks — it’s clear who will be winning the “War 0n Christmas” this year.

Founded by Evan Hafer in 2014, Black Rifle Coffee Company aims to “Make Coffee Great Again.”

“I’m open with the fact that if you don’t like my company or my politics, I’m okay with sacrificing that market share,” Hafer told Task & Purpose in February. “You don’t have to drink Black Rifle coffee. But I want people who voted for Trump to know that there is another option for you. [executive chairman of Starbucks] Howard Schultz doesn’t want your business. I do. I’ll be proud to take it. And I’ll give you a better product from a group of men who truly believe in this country.”

If you want more music with guns, check out this cover of the Star Spangled Banner from the Denver-based Musical Targets company.

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