Leaked Convo With PR Rep Claims Joy Villa is Represented by GLORIA ALLRED

A leaked screenshot of a conversation with James Clark who claimed to be doing public relations work with Joy Villa states that her new legal counsel is none other than the infamous Gloria Allred.

Speaking to Gateway Pundit, Villa denied the accusation and claimed that Clark, who represents Antonio Sabato Jr., does not work for her. She stated that he has only been in touch with him about endorsements for her possible Congressional campaign.

Allred represents women who have made spurious claims of sexual harassment against President Donald Trump.

Speaking at a rally in Florida earlier this month regarding the accusations against Roy Moore, whose accusers are also represented by Allred, Trump trashed the attorney saying, “Gloria Allred, any time you see her, you know something’s gone wrong.”

Villa denied the accusations, saying that she is represented by Rick Krusky. She stated that she is not working with Allred.

When asked by the Gateway Pundit if she had spoken to or been in touch with Allred, Villa said “not that I know of. My inbox is flooded with emails. If she did my actual publicist would be handling, not me.”

In a tweet following our initial report, Clark apologized for causing confusion with his claims to have worked for Villa and stated that he never has.

Villa had been scheduled to hold a press conference in Washington, DC, outside the police station on Friday morning — but cancelled to instead appear on Good Morning America, according to the claims in the text messages.

Clark had been promoting the press conference on his Twitter feed on Thursday, but by Friday when this conversation leaked he had deleted the announcement and many tweets defending Villa.


When asked on GMA if the women who have accused the president of inappropriate behavior should also be believed, Villa danced around the question before saying that the women should report their claims to the police.

Additionally, when asked about the video in which she is seen smacking a man named George Harris on the behind — Villa claimed that she had apologized. She had previously claimed they were old friends and it was a joke, but the man told ABC News that he had just met her that day and that it was not consensual.

I was personally present at the event where Villa claims that she was inappropriately smacked on the behind by Lewandowski, but was not present when the incident was alleged to have taken place. I did speak to Villa that evening, but she made no indication that anything was wrong or had occurred.

The accusations by the Scientologist musician have caused a massive rift within the pro-Trump movement. Many who were once close to Villa, including former-Pussycat Doll and political commentator Kaya Jones have distanced themselves from her and accused of her of having dubious motives for the allegations.


Villa has been floating plans to run for Congress in Florida as a pro-Trump candidate. The address for Villa on the police report filed against Lewandowski is a property owned by the Church of Scientology in Clearwater.


This article was updated to include comments from Villa and Clark shortly after publication.