Illegal Alien From Mexico Convicted of Sexual Assault Deported 20 Times From U.S.

As reported by Fox News, Sergio Jose Martinez, 31, was sentenced to 35 years in prison on Friday after he sexually assaulted a woman in her home and attacked another in a parking lot in Oregon.

Martinez attacked both women on the same day, just a week after he had been released from jail. He had also been deported from the U.S. 20 times previously. Friday, Martinez pled guilty to 10 counts including sexual assault – smiling and grinning throughout the trial and even whilst pleading guilty to his crimes.

Oregon was American’s first sanctuary state, adopting the law in 1987 – meaning law enforcement is unable to detain people who are in the U.S. illegally if they have not broken other laws. In short, sanctuary states and cities are a total joke and the recent verdict in the Kate Steinle trial can attest to that, too.

Whilst relatives of the victims spoke, Martinez often grinned. When leaving the courtroom after being sentenced, he told the victim’s families: “See all you guys in Hell”. Along with his 20 deportations, Martinez had a long list of low-level drug offenses, disorderly conduct, and other misdemeanors.

Amity Girt, the deputy district attorney who handled Martinez’s case said in a statement:

There were two victims in this case who either directly or through family members presented very gut-wrenching-to-hear impact statements in court today.

Through 20 deportations, it’s plain as day that Martinez should not have been in the U.S. – once again, our system has failed and left us unprotected from outsiders that only want to cause trouble and chaos…

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