Verdict In The Kate Steinle Trial Reinforces the Importance of Trump Border Wall

In 2015, Kate Steinle was murdered by an illegal immigrant that had previously entered the country unlawfully five times and had a criminal record with seven prior felonies. Last night, he was found not guilty of murder or manslaughter in Kate’s death.

Not only are the American people angry with the verdict but the people’s President is, too. On Friday morning, President Trump launched into a Twitter tirade over the Steinle verdict

As usual, everything Trump is saying is the truth. Kate’s killer did come back into the country over and over, easily bypassing Obama’s unprotected border. Kate’s killer had 7 prior felonies and a history of crime and violence but the info was not used in court. The President is entirely right to call this verdict a travesty of justice.

Rightfully, people are enraged and hurt. An illegal immigrant with an illustrious rap sheet got off scot-free after killing an American citizen – accident or not. Kate Steinle’s memory and legacy has been desecrated and torn apart by a liberal west coast jury. The only choice we have – as we pick up the shattered pieces of this perversion of justice – is to honor and remember Steinle, and achieve real progress in her name.

Having been so ingrained by Trump into the public conscious during his campaigning in 2016, Kate Steinle stands as a real and true example as to why we need a border wall. If a wall had stood between Kate’s killer when he tried to re-enter the country for the fifth time, he wouldn’t have had such easy access inside our country. If a wall had stood on the border, protecting American citizens from any outlying threat, Kate Steinle would still be alive.

We must build the Wall, in honor of Kate’s memory and unfair death, to protect and cherish the American life within its borders. Kate Steinle proves that – tenfold.


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