Somebody Call ICE: Illegal Aliens to ‘Take Over Congressional Hearing’ to ‘Demand Permanent Protection’ for DACA Kids

Illegal immigrants and those who support them are plotting to use direct action to “take over” a Congressional Hearing on Thursday.

The group is scheduled to meet on Capitol Hill at 1:15 p.m. to “demand permanent protection using heightened direct action at the Congressional Hearings in Washington, D.C.”

“Undocumented youth are going to DC after series of sit ins and Civil disobedience at democratic offices across the country. While politicians negotiate away our lives and our dignity, undocumented youth are going to disrupt Capitol Hill to demand that democrats vote no on any spending bill that does not include Permanent Protection for Undocumented Youth” Juan Pablo Orjuela, a DACA beneficiary participating in the action tomorrow, said in a statement.


The organization in charge of the action, the Seed Project, has not revealed which hearings they intend to target.

The Seed Project were also the organizers of an attempt to shut down the Macy’s Day parade this past Thanksgiving.

“Four DACA recipients and allies were removed from the parade, blocking traffic by the Macy’s Day Parade,” the group announced in a statement at the time.

The organization is calling for illegals to hold sit-ins and other protests across the nation.

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