Chicago Woman Who Filmed Brutal Kidnapping And Torture of Disabled Trump Supporter Sentenced To COMMUNITY SERVICE!

The 19 year old Chicago woman who live-streamed the kidnapping and torture of a mentally-disabled Trump supporter was given only 200 hours of community service and four years of probation on Friday.

Jordan Hill, as seen in Covington’s video.

As reported by ZeroHedge, Brittany Herring Covington avoided a possible 33 years in prison on multiple counts, including a hate crime, aggravated battery, and aggravated kidnapping. Several charges were dropped as part of a plea agreement. 

Brittany Herring Covington mugshot 

Judge William Hooks, Cook County Circuit Judge, gave Covington the lenient sentence – after Covington pleaded guilty to the hate crime and other charges. Judge Hooks reportedly told Covington he could have sent her to prison but said:

I’m not sure if I did that you’d be coming out any better. Do not mess this up.

ZH also reported Hooks is notably the first African-American president of Chicago’s Federal Bar Association, a past president of the Cook County Bar Association, and a member of the Muslim Bar Association of Chicago

The brutal attack took place at the beginning of the year, after four black Chicago teens kidnapped a mentally-disabled Trump supporter and held him captive for almost two days. They bound his hands and feet with duct tape and gagged him with a sock, using a knife to cut and stab the victim while shouting racial slurs and issuing death threats. Displayed in videos of the incident, one of the females in the video can be seen laughing and punching the victim. At another point, one of the male attackers wraps a cord around the victim’s neck. At one point, a male approached the bound victim with a knife and asked the others:

Should I shank his ass?

Other note-worthy quotes include…

F*ck Donald Trump. F*ck white people.

There’s gonna be a murder. Pop pop pop.

We gonna put this bitch in the trunk, put a brick on the gas…

Pistol whip his ass, fool!

After nearly 48 hours, the teenage Trump supporter escaped after the kidnappers left the apartment to confront a neighbor who called 911 to complain about the noise they were making. For her participation in the crime, Herring-Covington received only 200 hours of community service and four years probation. ZeroHedge points out:

Meanwhile, a Broward County, Florida man who vandalized a Mosque and left bacon inside was sentenced to 15 years in prison last week.

The three other kidnappers charged along with Covington are still awaiting trial…


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