Bernie Sanders’ Former Press Secretary Jailed, on Hunger Strike, Potentially Facing Deportation

Seven DACA recipients and one American activist that have been jailed since a Friday evening sit-in at Senator Chuck Schumer and Representative Carlos Curbelo’s offices are now on hunger strike  — including Senator Bernie Sanders’ former press secretary Erika Andiola.

via Facebook/Erika Andiola

Andiola and the seven other arrestees are refusing to cooperate with law enforcement, including providing their names and fingerprints, until Senator Schumer and Representative Curbelo “publicly confirm they have the votes to block any spending bill without a Clean DREAM Act,” Jezebel reports.

“I am refusing to cooperate and will remain in jail at risk of deportation (along with 6 other Dreamers & 1 ally) until he meets this demand. Please help me by sharing this story & organizing a solidarity vigil,” a post on Andiola’s Facebook page claimed on Saturday.

Andiola is the former National Latino Outreach Press Secretary for Senator Sanders’ presidential campaign.

They may not actually be in a position to make demands, however, as Andiola’s boyfriend, Democratic political operative Kai Newkirk, has posted that he has reason to believe that “DC Court Pre-Trial Services took initiative to contact ICE about Erika.”

“ We have reason to believe that DC Court Pre-Trial Services took initiative to contact ICE about Erika. I spoke with Erika via phone from jail at 3:45a last night and confirmed to share this. Every day they are in police custody the danger of additional ICE engagement and then deportation grows, as it grows for all undocumented youth with each day that goes by without passage of the Dream Act. We have confirmed that Erika and the others are all on hunger strike and have been since they were arrested. They are committed to remaining in jail until Senator Chuck Schumer & Rep. Carlos Curbelo publicly confirm they have the votes to block any spending bill without a clean Dream Act,” Newkirk wrote.

The seven were arrested for unlawful entry after they refused to leave when the building closed. They are scheduled to appear before a judge on Tuesday.

Erika Andiola also sent out a tweet Saturday letting the public know she is still in police custody:

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