“You’re an Anti-Semite!” Jewish Conservative Journalist Laura Loomer Confronts Linda Sarsour (VIDEO)

New York – Jewish conservative journalist Laura Loomer (pictured above) confronted rabid Israel hater, Linda Sarsour at a book signing at The New School University in Manhattan Tuesday night.

Linda Sarsour sits on a panel about anti-Semitism which is egregious given her overt hatred for Israel and Jews.

Sarsour has ties to the terrorist group Hamas and openly calls for Sharia Law to take over the United States.


“There’s about 50 Jewish students and community members standing outside of and their voices aren’t being represented on ’s panel about Anti-Semitism. This is ACTUAL ANTI SEMITISM and pro Muslim propaganda. SHAMEFUL!” Loomer tweeted.

Laura Loomer fearlessly confronted Linda Sarsour about her anti-Semitic tweets where she claims, ‘There’s nothing creepier than Zionism’.

A woman repeatedly tells Loomer to leave yet she continues to confront Sarsour.

Security personnel then stepped forward asking Loomer to leave.

At this point Loomer screamed, “You’re an anti-Semite! You called for jihad in the United States! Calling jihad against Trump!”

You’re an anti-Semite, Jew hater, Linda Sarsour! COCKROACH!” Loomer continued.

“Sarsour means cockroach in Arabic,” Loomer explained to the security guard who was trying to usher her out.

As Laura Loomer was leaving she said, “Am Israel chai” which means “The people of Israel live”.

Video via Laura Loomer YouTube:

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