WTH… Twitter Suspends ANOTHER Roger Stone Account

As previously reported, after launching a tirade against CNN host Don Lemon three weeks ago, seasoned political operative Roger Stone was suspended from Twitter. 

Although Stone’s main Twitter account was suspended, his staff operated a second account linked to the political operative under the name ‘stone cold truth’. Twitter suspended that account Saturday.

Screenshot of Roger Stone-linked Twitter account suspended below.


It is unclear why Stone’s other account was suspended, however; according to Buzzfeed’s David Mack, the suspension on his main account is permanent. Once Twitter permanently bans a person from having an account, they aren’t allowed to operate any accounts going forward.

Over the last year-and-a-half, a number of major conservative figures, from Milo Yiannopoulos to Chuck Johnson, have been permanently banned from the platform while liberals threaten the President’s life and continue to keep their Twitter accounts from suspensions or banning.

The Gateway Pundit spoke with Stone  three weeks ago regarding what his next move was and whether or not he would pursue legal action, or simply dismiss the unfortunate turn of events due to Twitter being a private company.

Stone commented:

I’m not certain. I’ve not yet had time to think about it, this all happened over the last several hours. I abhor censorship. Looking at my tweets over the last couple days, I find nothing that was incorrect or untrue, perhaps pungent, but that’s the way the First Amendment works. It’s interesting that people threaten to kill me, kill my family, kill my dog, kill my children everyday on Twitter, but they don’t get banned, yet I say something politically incorrect about that mental giant, Don Lemon, and I get banned. I think it’s despicable. Why don’t they ban the people that urge the murder of the President? Or urging the murder of my family, or my children, or my wife, or my dog – but no.

Roger Stone fans are angry over the suspension.

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