EXCLUSIVE UPDATE: Roger Stone, Outspoken Voice On Uranium One, Is Now BANNED from Twitter

The buzz Saturday afternoon about the suspension of Roger Stone from Twitter turned heads, but it turns out that Twitter permanently banned the conservative legend and did not inform him of his banning, instead leading him to believe he was simply temporarily suspended, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

To top it all off, it turns out that this information was leaked to select members of the media by Twitter. They completely avoided telling Stone about his permanent ban, and upon finding out this news, Stone commented, “It’s very odd that the notification I continue to receive from Twitter is that it is a temporary suspension, and yet they seem to be informing the media that I’m permanently banned. It seems to be a strange way to do business.”

Over the last year-and-a-half, a number of major conservative figures, from Milo Yiannopoulos to Chuck Johnson, have been permanently banned from the platform while liberals threaten the President’s life and continue to keep their Twitter accounts from suspensions or banning.

TGP spoke with Stone regarding what his next move was and whether or not he would pursue legal action, or simply dismiss the unfortunate turn of events due to Twitter being a private company.

Stone commented:

I’m not certain. I’ve not yet had time to think about it, this all happened over the last several hours. I abhor censorship. Looking at my tweets over the last couple days, I find nothing that was incorrect or untrue, perhaps pungent, but that’s the way the First Amendment works. It’s interesting that people threaten to kill me, kill my family, kill my dog, kill my children everyday on Twitter, but they don’t get banned, yet I say something politically incorrect about that mental giant, Don Lemon, and I get banned. I think it’s despicable. Why don’t they ban the people that urge the murder of the President? Or urging the murder of my family, or my children, or my wife, or my dog – but no.

When asked whether or not he felt Twitter would reverse their decision, Stone stated, “No. I think it is likely permanent. All I’m saying is, they’ve never had the cajones to inform me of that. It’s an odd way to do business. I imagine they have the right to ban me, though I haven’t looked at the legal issues, but they never informed me that I am banned. The last information I got from them was that it was a temporary suspension.”

With Twitter’s banning of one of the most important political thinkers in the United States, how do they hope to run a business and aid in the dissemination of information when they are censoring leading voices? Stone feels that this is a question that must be asked of them.

If you still wish to read Stone’s thoughts, his staff will be putting up content under his @StoneOnStyle and @StoneColdTruth handles.

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