It is Time for Bill Clinton, and His Colluding Wife Hillary, to Be Driven from Public Life for Decades of Sexual Abuse and Cover-Ups

Former President Bill Clinton, and his colluding wife Sen. Hillary Clinton, rose to the pinnacle of U.S. political and cultural power by lying about and destroying women Bill preyed upon when he held public office as attorney general and governor in Arkansas and the presidency of the United States.

In 2017, as liberals finally decide to take sexual assault and harassment in the workplace as career-ending offenses, it is time for them to prove their awakening is true by driving Bill and Hillary Clinton from public life. Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and now Louis C.K.–all accused sexual abusers in the mold of Bill Clinton–are getting the 1984 treatment with their works being taken down or edited to remove their presence. The same type of professional shunning should be done with the Clintons.

The same Hollywood that is cleaning house embraced and celebrated the Clintons for decades. What will they do now?

The list of women who have put their names to accusations of rape and sexual assault by Bill Clinton, and the efforts by Hillary Clinton and her operatives to intimidate them into silence is well known and includes: Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones and Kathleen Willey.

Other women who claimed consensual affairs with Bill Clinton and were lied about and destroyed by Bill and Hillary Clinton and their operatives include Gennifer Flowers, Monica Lewinsky and Dolly Kyle Browning.

Bill Clinton lied about Gennifer Flowers in a 60 Minutes interview, with Hillary at his side, that saved his candidacy in 1992. Flowers had tapes of her phone calls with Clinton, but the Clinton campaign accused her of doctoring the tapes. Clinton later acknowledged having sex with Flowers when he testified under oath in 1998.

The Clintons hired a private detective to investigate and discredit “bimbo eruptions”, as Clinton aide Betsey Wright called her operation against women accusers of Bill Clinton that was reportedly overseen by Hillary.

In early 1998, as her husband faced being forced from the presidency by the exploding Lewinsky scandal, Hillary went on the Today Show to threaten Bill’s accusers with retribution, saying they would “have a lot to answer for.”

Around the same time, former senior Clinton aide George Stephanopoulos conveyed a blackmail threat that Bill Clinton would “take everybody down with him” if Congress tried to remove him from office through impeachment. Stephanopoulos called it the “Ellen Rometsch strategy”. Via the Observer:

Mr. Stephanopoulos, in his new role as an ABC News “analyst,” was telling the audience that the White House was preparing a new defense in the Monica Lewinsky scandal.“What I’ll call the Ellen Rometsch strategy,” he said. “She was a girlfriend of John F. Kennedy who also happened to be an East German spy,” Mr. Stephanopoulos explained. “And Robert Kennedy was charged with getting her out of the country and also getting John Edgar Hoover to go to the Congress and say, don’t investigate this because if you do, we’re going to open up everybody’s closets.”…“The President said he would never resign,” he said gravely. “And I think some around him are willing to take everybody down with him.”

Several House Republicans were subjected to the Ellen Rometsch strategy with long ago affairs and love children being exposed, with Speaker-designate Robert Livingston resigning in disgrace as the House voted to impeach President Clinton.

Hillary Clinton, on her book tour this year, was asked about her husband assaulting women and replied that those allegations had been “litigated” and were “clearly in the past.”

Indeed some of those charges had been litigated. Bill Clinton paid Paula Jones $850,000 to settle a sexual harassment in the workplace lawsuit where he was accused of exposing himself and asking Jones to perform oral sex.
Clinton was held in contempt of court for lying in his testimony in the case and was fined $90,686.

Bill Clinton was also investigated by federal Independent Counsel Ken Starr for perjury and obstruction of justice in the Jones case for attempting to cover-up a similar incident when he was President when he exposed himself to White House intern Monica Lewinsky in the White House and invited her to perform oral sex. Unlike Jones, Lewinsky did so–many times.

Bill Clinton was impeached by the House of Representatives on December 19, 1998 for perjury and obstruction based on the Starr investigation. Clinton was not convicted by the Senate, which held a kangaroo trial that was sabotaged by Senators afraid of retribution by Clinton operatives.

Bill Clinton struck a plea deal with Starr’s successor Robert Ray on his last full day in office in which he agreed to a five year suspension of his law license in Arkansas and a $25,000 fine. Clinton has not applied to be reinstated in the years since his suspension ended.

Bill Clinton subsequently resigned from the U.S. Supreme Court bar in the face of certain disbarment after the Court suspended him and gave him forty days to explain why he should not be disbarred.

Clinton finished out his second term with high popularity that crashed as the Nation was repulsed by his outgoing pardon spree and theft of White House objects that had to be returned.

Such was the backlash that Morgan Stanley was forced to issue an unprecedented apology for hosting Bill Clinton for a paid speech just weeks after he left office after angry investors closed out their accounts.

But that was the extent of the price the Clintons paid. Hillary Clinton had been elected U.S. Senator for New York, Bill Clinton made paid speeches (more so overseas for a while) and both were paid millions in book deals.

While the Democratic Party never stopped supporting the Clintons, it was the Bush family that brought Bill Clinton back to respectability in the 2000s, embracing him as “another son” or “brother.”

All the Clinton scandals were treated as long forgotten and unmentioned. Every once in a while reports would surface of a new woman in Bill’s life, but when it mattered during Hillary’s 2008 presidential run, the media covered-up for Bill to protect Hillary.

But it is now 2017. A seismic cultural shift is taking place that men in power are no longer able to remain in power and position if they sexually abuse women and men.

With this as the new and improved standard, where does that leave the Clintons and liberals? Will they finally take the stand against the Clintons they should have taken decades ago?

A ray of hope came yesterday in the form of a tweet by liberal writer Matthew Yglesias who asked, “I wonder how much healthier a place we’d be in as a society today if Bill Clinton had resigned in shame back in 1998.”

Well, liberals?

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