EXCLUSIVE ROGER STONE FOR TGP: The Fly In The Chinese Ointment


President Donald Trump just took the longest trip by a president to Asia since Richard Nixon traveled to China in 1972, President Trump is Thinking Big. He has to as the stakes are high and our country’s national security rests on it. He visited Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam and the Philippines.

The United States and North Korea are on the precipice of nuclear war. President Trump has inherited a failed 25 year policy dating back as far as the Clinton administration. North Korea may have as many 60 nuclear warheads. In mid-October, CIA Director Mike Pompeo said that North Korea is only a “few months away” from perfecting its nuclear capability to be able to launch an ICBM onto the West Coast.


The “Little Rocket Man” Kim Jong-un seems intent on heading into a confrontation with President Trump. Only three weeks into Trump’s term, Kim launched a medium-sized ICBM while the President hosted Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at Mar-a-Lago. Since Trump was sworn into the presidency, “Little Rocket Man” has ordered 15 separate tests and launched 22 missiles, some over Japan. This past September, Kim tested a nuclear bomb which registered the equivalent of a 6.3 earthquake with a yield of 100 kilotons, seven times as strong as the bomb over Hiroshima. Kim has an open threat to test a hydrogen bomb over the Pacific Ocean which means that he may very well have both nuclear and hydrogen capabilities.

At the same time, President Trump, who is overseeing the greatest domestic economic growth this decade, has to reassert American dominance over the unfair trade imbalances which have been championed by H.W. Bush to Obama. He will have ample opportunity on this trip to educate the Asia theater on America’s new stance – Fair Trade!

Pres. Trump met with Chinese President Xi Jinping – who was just reinstated as the Chinese leader during last week’s 19th National Congress with no clear successor – in the third leg of the trip. This was the most important stop and followed Japan and South Korea where the president asserted America’s determined cooperation with its two strongest allies to denuclearize the Korean peninsula.

President Trump, to his credit in his short time in office, has gotten the strongest cooperation with the Chinese government cooperation against North Korea compared to any of his predecessors. In 2017, China has agreed to multiple sanction efforts against Kim in 2017 – including cutting energy exports, closing North Korean businesses in China and cutting coal and textile imports from the Kim regime.

However, even with these steps, analysis shows that China’s exports with North Korea has grown at least 30% from the previous August while imports shrank 10%. China argues the export surge is due to an increase in food and has repeatedly made clear it does not want to starve North Korea, as its border could be over flooded with North Korean refugees.

Why are the Chinese holding back >

One major issue between President Trump and President Xi  that will continue to strain their relationship and threaten the unprecedented co-operation between Washington and Bejing – is requested extradition of the Chinese globalist fugitive,  Clinton bundler and George Soros associate Miles Kwok.

Kwok, in the US Illegally, has lived in a lavish $70 million penthouse in New York City’s Sherry Netherland since 2015. Entering the United States under a false UAE passport, Kwok came to America to escape multiple corruption, bribery, kidnapping and extortion charges in China.

Xi raised the issue of Kwok when he visited the President at Mar-a-Lago again at the G20 conference. Trump wants Kwok, whose visa has expired, extradited back to China. However, his administration is once again defying the president’s directive.

It is assumed that Kwok was a Chinese intelligence asset and having pulled off massive and lucrative cybercrimes in China while living in the United States flipped to work for  the CIA.

Despite the president’s personal assurance that quad will be extradited National security adviser HR McMaster and CIA director Mike Pompeo have stoutly stalled on the president’s order, fearful that Kwok will reveal that he works for US intelligence.

Kwok has strong ties to the elite globalists and neocons. He reportedly had a longtime affair with Rupert Murdoch’s ex-wife and alleged Chinese intelligence agent Wendi Deng. Deng connected Kwok with her one of her other gentleman friends Tony Blair. Kwok donated at least $3 million to Blair’s corrupt foundation and paid another $2 million to Blair’s private consulting firm. Blair has lobbied Washington against the extradition of Kwok.

According to US Intelligence Kwok initially collected intelligence on Americans for China before he went rouge. CIA sources say he  taped conversations with US government officials, former government officials, dignitaries, intelligentsia and prominent reporters. One example is his taped conversation early this year with Obama Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Jonson discussing Kwok’s immigration status.

Kwok has retained known Democrat attorney David Boies – the same Boies who represented the Gore campaign and tried to steal the 2000 election. Boies has helped Kwok gain fawning coverage in the New York Times. The Wall Street Journal, owned by Murdoch, has even given the criminal positive accolades which is hard to understand considering rumors that Kwok had an extramarital with Murdoch’s then-wife Deng.

Kwok has recently filed for US asylum. His first immigration attorney dropped Kwok after the attorney learned that Kwok lied on his visa application.

Ultimately, Trump’s Asia trip will be judged by any further cooperation he is assured from China on North Korea. It remains to be seen if President Trump will continue to be disadvantaged by his staff in trying to prevent a full blown war on the Korean peninsula. Time is running out.

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