Boycott Update: The NFL Has Lost 2.5 Million Viewers Already

2.5 Million and Counting…

After decades of American tradition of standing at attention during the National Anthem the National Football League started their own tradition last year and allowed players to kneel, sit, or stretch during the National Anthem today at professional football games.

Better yet — The NFL allowed this out of their defense of upstanding citizens like robber Michael Brown who was shot by a police officer after robbing a store, physically abusing an immigrant store clerk, jaywalking, beating a police officer, going for a police officer’s gun and then charging that same officer.
Michael Brown was killed in the confrontation and leftists believe this was unfair.
After all, why didn’t the officer offer up his life for the sake of political correctness?

Today these NFL anthem protests have spread to social justice warriors in kids football, girls volleyball and major league baseball.

Unfortunately for the NFL a majority of Americans have rejected their new tradition.


Already 2.5 million viewers have tuned out the NFL.
American Lookout and the AP reported:

NFL ratings down on weekend of boycott

The National Football League is continuing a steady decline in audience, with its fourth week of games having the smallest audience on a weekend when some conservatives called for a boycott because some of its players used the national anthem to protest against police treatment of minorities.

The Nielsen company said Tuesday the weekend’s nationally televised games averaged 13.8 million viewers, down from 14.8 million the week before. Opening week registered 16.3 million viewers and the second week had 15.8 million.

Fox News Channel personality Sean Hannity was among the people who said they would not be watching NFL games. It’s virtually impossible to tell what kind of an impact it had, considering the trend that preceded it. The only prime-time entertainment shows to rank higher last week were CBS’ “The Big Bang Theory” and its spinoff, “Young Sheldon.”

“Did it have an impact?” asked Brent Bozell, head of the conservative Media Research Center. “Yeah, it did. I can guarantee it did with one person — that’s me. Beyond that, I don’t know.”

The NFL made a horrible decision. It might even be too late to reverse the damage.

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