Lawyers for City of Ferguson Seek Robber Michael Brown’s Juvie Records

Michael Brown was killed in August 2014 after he robbed a Ferguson convenience store.
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Brown assaulted the store owner, beat a cop and was shot dead on Canfield Drive.

Officer Darren Wilson was not charged with a crime. He was injured in the attack when Brown beat him in the head. Democrat protesters later burned the business district.

Michael Brown’s family has since pressed wrongful death charges against the city of Ferguson.

Now this…
Lawyers for the city of Ferguson are seeking access to any of Michael Brown’s sealed juvenile records.
FOX 2 Now reported:

The city of Ferguson, Missouri, and other defendants in a wrongful-death lawsuit brought by the parents of Michael Brown are seeking access to any sealed juvenile records pertaining to the black teen whose 2014 fatal shooting by a white police officer set off large protests.

An attorney for Ferguson, the former police chief and ex-officer Darren Wilson filed the motion this month in St. Louis family court, saying they have a “legitimate interest” in reviewing documents about Brown’s juvenile past.

A family court judge rejected a similar request that the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and a California blogger made weeks after Brown’s death.

A Brown family attorney calls the latest effort a “smear tactic.”

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