Hillary’s ‘Resistance’ PAC Spends 4 Mos. Collecting Donations – Has Yet to Give a Dime to the Cause

Hillary Clinton just won’t go away.

As The Gateway Pundit previously reported, Hillary Clinton launched her new PAC ‘Onward Together’ in May with the motto “Resist, insist, persist, enlist.” (whatever that means).

Since Hillary Clinton can no longer sell influence and power in exchange for donations to the Clinton Foundation, she has to come up with new and exciting ways to fleece the sheep.

Two-time loser (3 times if you include the re-count) Hillary has been begging for donations to fund ‘the resistance’ since May by asking for donations on her site (starting at $5.00) and she has yet to donate a dime to the cause.

The Onward Together website has only two pages. A landing page and a donation page.


An email signed by Hillary Clinton asking supporters for MORE MONEY last week attempted to explain away her lack of action as of late. “You may not have heard much about the work we’re doing at Onward Together. That’s because we’re working behind the scene to fund, support, and amplify the work of the groups we’re supporting. We’re not the story: they are.”

Screenshot of the email provided by The Daily Caller:

The Daily Caller also reached out to the five political groups Hillary said she would be partnering with: Indivisible, Swing Left, Color of Change, Emerge America and Run for Something. None of the groups would confirm that Onward Together has financially supported them.

“Onward Together has not given any financial support to us,” Helen Kalla, an Indivisible spokesperson, wrote in an email.

Kalla added that Clinton’s group has “been amplifying and highlighting our work through their digital networks,” which she explained has consisted of “retweeting [Indivisible], and they’ve highlighted our work via their emails to their list too.”

None of the other four groups would confirm that Onward Together has supported their work, either financially or otherwise.

Hillary, who long during the campaign trail condemned “dark-money” Super-PACs, has funneled over 800K from her Campaign over to one of these very same outfits. It has been revealed that the failed presidential candidate’s Super-PAC, “Onward Together”, is heavily backing “resistance” and Alt-Left extremist groups such as ANTIFA.

In building investigations, Daily Caller first discovered that Hillary transferred a mass sum of money from her campaign over to Onward Together:

Clinton transferred $800,000 from her failed 2016 presidential campaign to Onward Together shortly before announcing the group’s launch in May, documents the campaign filed with the FEC reveal.

Because Hillary has never paid for any of her crimes spanning over decades, she is now able to operate a shadowy PAC which funds violent alt-left domestic terrorist groups. Amazing.

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