Hillary Begs For Money With New PAC ‘Onward Together’, Calls For ‘Racial Justice’ and ‘Accuracy in Media’

Hillary Clinton just won’t go away. She broke her silence on Twitter for the first time in over a week to promote her new PAC ‘Onward Together’ (whatever that means). 

Hillary proceeded to go on a tweet storm in an attempt to tell the public what exactly she plans to do to help the Islamo-fascist Democrat party ‘move forward’ in ‘the resistance’. The motto for her movement is, “Resist, insist, persist, enlist.”

Two-time loser (3 times if you include the re-count) Hillary is also begging for donations to fund her life as a grifter and asks for donations on her new site (starting at $5.00).


Hillary tried her best to sound human in her first tweet saying she has been spending time with her family and taking walks in the woods…

Hillary introducing her new PAC…

You mean like all of the ordinary citizens you engaged with during the 2016, Hillary?

Yes, we made our voices heard by rejecting you and other Democrats running for office (take a hint).

By voter freedom, Hillary means no voter I.D. so illegals and dead people can vote. Fairness and accuracy in the media means shutting down and or censoring conservative voices and racial justice means attacking white people.

By ‘inclusive America’ does she mean ‘the Deplorables’ too?

Why is Hillary Clinton still walking around freely? Where is the justice? Hillary Clinton should be harshly prosecuted for sending classified information over an unsecured server and lying about it.

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