Gateway Pundit’s Lucian Wintrich Interviews Sebastian Gorka LIVE At 5PM

Lucian Wintrich will be interviewing Sebastian Gorka LIVE at 5PM EST.

We’ve read all the questions that YOU submitted for Dr. Gorka and have narrowed them down to what we have written below. We will also be taking additional questions LIVE during the broadcast. To view the live broadcast, chat, and submit questions, follow Lucian Wintrich on Periscope via


Foreign Policy:
Are we on track to defeat them, what do you foresee that timeline looking like, and is there anything you would recumbent to expedite it?
What efforts can be made to reduce or stop all exchanges, intellectual and material, from Iran to North Korea? With the recent news of North Korea’s latest missile test, do you believe the administrations previously hard-lined dialectic approach to the North Korea is still effective or does the Administration now need to double down?
On staffing / the administration:
Mr. Gorka-Why were/ARE so many of the Obama appointees allowed to stay and stab the new president in the back repeatedly in so many departments?
Who in his administration should be fired? Was General Kelly a good idea and is he undermining Trump’s efforts to MAGA?
If top officials aren’t carrying out Trump’s orders and cleaning house, why does he keep them? Who do you believe poses the greatest threat to the President’s agenda?
Why doesn’t he fire the insubordinate bunch and hire officials who will fight for his agenda? Why indeed would the president stand for you and Bannon being blocked from the White House?
Why is John Koskinen still heading the IRS, especially after he has repeatedly failed to remove those targeting conservatives?
What is the most effective way for American citizens to let the President know how we feel about the actions/inactions of some of his appointees? Is the POTUS actually being fed only the articles and news items that Kelly and top-level staff want him to see, or does he continue to have unfettered access to the entire internet and news sources?
Do you believe that Ivanka and Jared are the threat that a number of  media pundits and Republican party believe them to be? Or are they, despite their personal politics, committed to advancing the will of the people and America First Policy?
Conversely, many Trump loyalists are currently fearful that people such as yourself, Bannon, Flynn, and more are no longer working in the administration – many having been replaced with individuals who don’t share the same populist views. Do you have confidence in the number of loyalists still working in the Administration? Who in the White House do you believe is still 100% loyal to Trump’s (the people’s) nationalist agenda?
On Sessions:
Though out the campaign trail, Trump said that Hillary Clinton would be put under investigation, will this ever happen? The recent refusal by the FBI to provide documents related to her illegal private email server was showing; what do you believe was behind this refusal? On a similar note, why do you believe investigations have not begun on others who have compromised national security such as George Soros, Comey, Lynch, Holder, etc?
With ANTIFA obviously violent, destroying property, assaulting Conservatives and others, why have we seen such little a response from the Federal Government? Under Obama, they were frequently called in when protests got as out of hand and violent as we are currently seeing now. Do you believe the administration will formally come out and declare ANTIFA a domestic terrorist organization?
On the future:
Multiple reports have given conflicting information about your future work outside of the administration and your forthcoming collaboration with Steve Bannon. How are you going to advance Trump’s agenda on the outside and in conjunction with Bannon? Do you have a plan to override the deafening globalists and those working against the President from within the administration?
Do you believe that it is possible to put an end to the liberal monopoly on TV news, internet search engines, Facebook, etc.? Or, do you believe policy would be more effective to help reform the control that these organizations currently have on the national conversation and narrative?
Could you speak more to what you have planned?
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