BREAKING: Much Hyped ‘Berkeley Free Speech Week’ Unlikely to Happen

The much hyped “Berkeley Free Speech Week”, set to start this upcoming Monday, has hit a number of roadblocks and now is most likely not going to take place.

Organizers knew that the event would not actually happen as scheduled. This information was not shared with the public and only a select few knew about it. Rather than hold the event as it was previously advertised, a Saturday press conference is reported to happen.

The Gateway Pundit’s Lucian Wintrich prefaced his breakdown of the event by stating that he appreciates as Milo as a friend. As a conservative who believes in maintaining open dialogue of ideas, Lucian was excited at the initial prospect of the event but was very disappointed that it was not going to go down as planned.  As a conservative who believes in maintaining open dialogue of ideas, this was a major issue. Beyond this, it was disappointing that the only people privy to this information were speakers and the organizers.

This was one of the reasons Wintrich was motivated to withdraw from the event Wednesday. All of this information was broken down in a Thursday evening livestream by Wintrich with Ali Akbar and Joe Proenza of the JoeProShow.

While Lucian has maintained a friendship with Milo Yiannopoulos, he was very frustrated at the organization of the event and the incredible opportunity it presented that would now fall short:

“It is so incredible to have a potential event that showcases such an amazing collection of speakers . . . How can you lie to people and still tell them that it is going to go on as scheduled? It is unethical behavior.”

Political strategist and entrepreneur Ali Akbar commented, “If you’re right [Lucian], you have done an ethical duty for the movement.”

Joe Proenza, who also appeared on the periscope on Ali’s end, commented:

“I don’t have any reason not to believe [Lucian]. This is disastrous on all levels . . . Ben Shapiro just won the month [holding his Berkeley speech] . . . The establishment Republicans on the Internet have just won the month.”

Ben Shapiro, when he visited Berkeley, was able to pull off his event as scheduled, and yet Milo’s endeavor seems to be fraught with difficulty.


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